Thursday, June 01, 2006

Attack Of The Zeroes

It was an easy call to anticipate a pitching duel between Pedro Martinez and Brandon Webb tonight. But there was so much no-scoring at Shea Stadium you would have thought you were at a Star Wars convention for twelve and a half innings.

I kid, I kid.

No really, the scoresheet will put the W next to the name of Filthy Sanchez. And all three pitchers were lights out...from Pedro to Country Time to Filthy. But give a little credit to Darren Oliver tonight too. Yeah I know genius, he didn't play tonight. But Oliver's four innings in last night's loss was of the "take one for the team" variety, even though his four innings were effective. It enabled Wagner and Sanchez to go five combined innings tonight, and the Mets could have gone to Bradford if need be, even if Tom Glavine had to pinch hit to get him in. But don't forget Darren Oliver's contribution.

The hero of the night though was Jose Valentin. Not only did his double provide the eventual winning run driven in by Endy Chavez (I fearlessly predicted the first walk off hit of the season would belong to was more like the eighth...close enough as far as I'm concerned) but he completely saved Lastings Milledge's wooden cross wearing behind with a great play off Brandon Webb's grounder with runners on first and second to end the second inning. The inning should have been 1-2-3, however...whoopsie! Lastings lost an easy fly ball in the lights to extend the inning. If there was a chance that Lastings would get away with wearing say, a Superman outfit or a lumberjack get up during rookie costume day, you can forget it after that drop. He's getting the Tinkerbell costume now.

But fear not Lastings fans, he helped himself by gunning out Craig Counsell at third on a base hit. It was as gun as gun can get. Just please don't call him a "five tool player". I hate that term. Forgive me if I am repeating my disdain for that moniker, but every time a Met is referred to as a "five tool player", he turns out to be a tool. So can we retire that term already? Because besides the gun for an arm tool, Lastings showed the swing at every pitch tool tonight. Patience...young Jedi impersonator.

(But the gun from the outfield was pretty freakin' sweet.)


Luke said...

Yeah, Luke is my real name; not named after Skywalker. Anyway, I love your site, but please spell "moniker" correctly. I can't believe Pedro has only two more wins than Sanchez now. Not than Duaner doesn't deserve his, but sheesh, Pedro has been so robbed. Once the X-Man returns, I think Endy should get more starts. From a puzzler's point of view, I think it's interesting that all you have to do is change the "a" in "Nady" to an "e" and rearrange and you get "Endy."

Adoniram said...

Yeah, Lastings definitely had the "swing at first pitch" and "try to pull balls that are three inches outside" tools going tonight. I guess that brings him up to seven?

By the way, I loved Valentin's interview after the game. He actually made a couple comments that could be considered non-stock. Stuff like Webb being tough cuz he throws strikes to both sides of the plate and admitting that the Mets dugout thought they had an edge once it was bullpen vs. bullpen. Pretty cool.

Eugene T. Maleska said...

I think it's interesting that all you have to do is change the "a" in "Nady" to an "e" and rearrange and you get "Endy."

Luke, if you change the "a" to an "e" and add an "r", you get "Nerdy"

ajsmith said...

OK... does anyone remember the last time we had a right fielder with a good arm?

Does Alex Ochoa count? Straw's arm was overrated. Joel Youngblood maybe?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueler?

A cannon in RF is an underappreciated weapon. Probably saved the game last night. When first-to-third is automatic on a single, you give up a lot more big innings.

Unser said...

Is that you Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

Side question - what's the reason for the MC Hammer photo representing the Braves in your daily standings?

Metstradamus said...

Unser, the answer to your question lies in this link:

Toasty Joe said...

Ahhh, my good friend and colleague Metsradamus. How goes it? I agree that Jose V. was the unsung hero last night. In fact, I dedicated my post to him today on my blog. Check it out. Please be cause not to trip over the sarcasm that lies therein.

Unser said...

Highly lame. Did I see Sid Bream in there?

And I thought Hammer was an A's fan.

Metstradamus said...

Joe, sucking up is the American way.

Unser, yes...and yes.

Toasty Joe said...

Hammer is a fan of whatever makes him some cheddar.

Toasty Joe said...

Speaking of sucking up, I just added Metstradamus to my little blog roll. I know how to return a favor.

Metstradamus said...

Props toasty...props!

jabair said...

Hammer was doing christian rap a few years ago but i guess jesus wasnt paying his bills so he decided to suck up to john shuerholtz..

KazmirLovesYou said...

Maybe Hammer should do a song for the Rockies

How about Julio Franco. I'm not even Christian but for some reason Julio Franco's theme music pumps me up anyway. Has this been touched upon yet?
"People get ready, Jesus is Comin'"
I smell a column title next time Franco does something big.