Sunday, June 18, 2006

Don't Come A-Knockin'

If there's a van still sitting in the parking lot at Shea Stadium, and it's rocking...that's most assuredly Kris Benson hitting his second home run of the night.

Talk about an event that shakes you to your very core...Kris Benson, who left New York as a result of a "baseball trade" (yeah, and Vince Coleman is merely "misunderstood") comes back to Shea, spins eight great innings, and hits a game tying home Pedro no less to help get Baltimore their second straight victory, 4-2.

Somewhere, Paul Blair is laughing his head off.

So let's see...two nights back at home, two former Mets sticking it to their former teams. One former Met also decided to rub it in by thanking the Mets for trading him. The other one let wifey do the rubbing for him (as usual).

Thankfully, game three between these two will not feature the only other former Met on the Orioles active roster, Bruce Chen. Adam Loewen starts for the O's on Sunday afternoon against Tom Glavine, who could really use a nice strong outing to bounce back before he proves another soothsayer correct and heads for a fall.

And can we get these Mets some hotel food please? Home cookin' is doing them no favors.

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