Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Gauntlet

As you all know, there is a huge three game measuring stick coming up against Big Papi and the Boston Red Sox. Pedro vs. Beckett. Glavine vs. Schilling. Fenway Park. Enough to make the good kind of chills go up your spine.

But as always, thoughts are forced to turn towards the Yankees.

You see, I've been challenged to a friendly wager by none other than my favorite Yankee fan/co-worker, Darth Marc. And it kinda, sorta of involves all of you. The bet challenged to me is this: If the Yankees win the upcoming weekend series with the Mets, Darth Marc subjects you to one guest blog on "The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus".

Mets win the series?

I make a one time invasion of his Evil Empire Chronicles...to write whatever I want (insert evil laugh).

There has been talk about expanding the bet in case of a sweep. But I subscribe to the KISS theory...Keep It Simple, Stupid. Two out of three ain't bad, and it's good enough to win.

And there has also been talk about making it a week's worth of blogs. But I look at it this way, if you can write whatever you want, what's the point of blogging seven times? Say what you have to say in one shot, and get out.

So I propose to you this, Darth...win the series, you get one blog. AND...the loser must create a permanent link on his site to the guest blog. Because here's the bottom line: I cannot resist the opportunity to invade enemy turf and spread a new world order of baseball gospel.

The only issue is this: This guest blog will have to happen in the area of the all star break, because I will be away for sun and sand from July 2nd until July 11th, and will be halfway to Florida by the time that Sunday night game is over. The day after the all-star break would be perfect anyway, since it will be a good way to occupy an off day.

So Darthy, I'm in. Are you?


The ESPY nominees are out. I normally avoid any and all awards shows like the plague, and I will most likely avoid this one as well. But I voted...and your very own David Wright is nominated for "Best Play of the Year" for his barehanded catch against San Diego last season. So surf your way over there and show your support gosh darn it!

Here are some other suggestions on how to vote on select categories:

Best Team:
  1. Maryland Lady Terrapins
  2. Chicago White Sox
  3. University of Texas
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Miami Heat

The easy pick here is to go with the White Sox because they vanquished arch-enemy Roger Clemens. But for heaven's sake how hard did the White Sox really have it? They swept a team that couldn't score! Ooooooooh!

The Steelers are eliminated, because any franchise who's fan base tailgates at the hospital where their quarterback crashed his non-licensed non-helmet wearing carcass into an oncoming car does not deserve your vote. The Heat? The NBA refs deserve your vote as team of the year just as much.

The Longhorns beat one of the most talented teams of the century on the strength of one freakin' player. One player!!! By all means, give Vince Young the ESPY for Best Championship Performance...but does the whole team deserve to win an ESPY? I think not. My pick: The Maryland Lady Terrapins. I know nothing about them, but I they don't piss me off as the other teams do...t0 various degrees.

Best Game:

  1. Agassi vs. Blake/U.S. Open
  2. Astros/Braves Game 4 NLDS
  3. USC/Texas National Championship

First off, the U.S. Open is probably the only event where you have to go through hundreds and hundreds of people to find a real tennis fan...and you have to put a down payment on a cheeseburger. So that disqualifies Agassi/Blake, which wasn't even a final...same as Astros/Braves. Great game, but I can't vote for a game where my rooting interests lied more in mass food poisoning than in an actual winner and loser. Hence my pick: USC/Texas. It really was a hell of a game.

Best Breakthrough Athlete:

  1. Kimmie Meisner
  2. Shaun White
  3. Chris Paul
  4. Alexander Ovechkin

If you vote for a figure skater or a snowboarder, you should have your internet taken away. And as good as Chris Paul is, has Chris Paul ever had the expectation of saving a whole sports league? And more important, can he do this? My pick, easily: Alexander Ovechkin.

Other than that? We'll I'm not going to take your entire test for you...am I?


Robby O'Daniel said...

I really like how this Boston vs NY Mets series matches up. Rookies tonight (Lester/Soler), then Pedro/Beckett and Glavine/Schilling. Can't wait to see how it all pans out.

But c'mon. Astros/Braves Game 4 was easily the best game I've seen all season, no matter what your interest was in it. Absolutely phenomenonal.

Darth Marc said...

I accept your challenge (or rather my challenge to you), infidel.

j m said...

If it wasn't possible for me to root any harder for the Mets against the Yankees, it now is.

Why? Because, given the chance, MD will rise to the occasion like no other. This will be Koufax or Pedro in their respective primes, starting Game 7. This will be Papi down by a run in the 9th and up with the bases loaded. This will, in short, be a master at his craft dealing out the pain with such spectacular taste and aplomb, that all anyone will be able to do is look on in receptive, respectful awe. All I can say is, Let's friggin' Go Mets....

Anonymous said...


help us. What are we to do with the Yankees-Braves series?

I can't root for the Yankees. I can't root for the Braves. Is it permissible to root for injuries?

Metstradamus said...


Trying times like these need guidance, the way I see you have two choices. After Mets/Sox, if Yanks/Braves is still happening you can do one of three things:

1. Watch the game and know that although something bad will happen, something good will also happen as a result.

2. Watch the game and root for "Buckner" type moments, or root for a 20 inning game where everyone on each pitching staff gets worn out, or...

3. Alternative programming, baby! At 10PM you have "Rescue Me" on FX, the NBA draft preview on ESPN, Carlos Mencia on Comedy Central, or my favorite..."Sanford & Son" on TV land. There's also a documentary on the History Channel on Illegal Drugs at 11PM.

Jaap said...

This has to be the biggest Mets week/end of all - Yankees AND Red Sox? Wow.

Is it not a bit frustrating that the Braves are in the basement and virtually irrelevant this season? Does it not bother anyone that kicking their collective arses won't matter, that taking a series from the Braves now won't hurt them since they're hopeless anyway?

Perhaps I've missed it and it's been written about but there must be the slightest bit of taint off of winning the NL East that we do it when the Braves are the slugs of the division all the sudden, isn't there?

Isn't there something missing that we don't get to break their hearts too?

Anonymous said...

what, does darth marc need the home-field advantage now before he's willing to wager? Do we get anything for kicking the ass of the worst team $200 million can buy at Shea?

Metstradamus said...

There is something missing. But don't forget this possibility: If the rest of the division catches up with the Mets ever so slightly...the Mets are in Atlanta from September 26-28 and could possibly clinch the N.L. East in Turner Field. If that were to happen, then it really wouldn't matter to me if the Braves are one game out or one thousand games out.

Metstradamus said...


I'll take my chances. Then there will be no excuses.

Patrick Burke said...

Metstra...I can't wait for your post on Darth Marc's blog. It's a forgone conclustion that the Mets will win this series. They made the Jays look like bums, and they will show the Sox just how good they are. By the end of this week, we won't be hearing anymore "the AL is so much better".

FYI, the mets are 12 (twelve!!!) games in front of the Phillies on June 27th. How f'ing awesome is that?


Jaap said...

Well for all the great schadenfreude of the Braves demise, I have to admit, I would like to see that end of the season series be meaningless if for no other reason that if the Braves were able to resurrect themselves, I'm still not convinced our Mets will be up for the war.
Nonetheless, seeing the NL competition, I think we're safe to the World Series.
Now if only you could give some ink to England's progression in the World Cup, you'd have the perfect site. :)

Metstradamus said...

Jaap, I wish I knew more about futbol to really sound like I know what I'm talking about or else I would!

Although I tell you I'm really enjoying ESPN's World Cup Live show if for no other reason that Eric Wynalda talks a boatload of smack...basically calling for Bruce Arena's head, calling Sweden's Ibrahimovich (spelling?) useless and the 6'10" striker (Crouch?) for England a waste of space. Wow!