Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Two Dads

"I guess you can call the Red Sox my daddy." -Pedro Martinez, a quote we wish was true for sheer entertainment purposes, after tonight's game.
If you're going to be beaten senseless, why not be beaten senseless by those you love?

The "glass half full" in me says that at least Petey got this nonsense out of the way in advance of a potential Red Sox/Mets 1986 rematch in October...and that the Mets still gained ground in the National League east at the end of the day..

The "glass half empty" in me says that the rest of the water spilled and the damn glass is empty.

So let's lay out the groundwork for a worst case scenario here: Schilling pitches a gem, Glavine gets crushed and the Mets get swept. The measuring stick of the Boston Red Sox becomes way too high for the Mets to come close to reaching the top. What happens? Does Omar Minaya become more inclined to wheel and deal for a starter in preparations for a World Series matchup with, well...anyone? As bad as the National League East has become, is there any reason for Minaya not to think about the long haul of October and a potential World Series matchup? Or do the Mets keep the chemistry the way it is and hope for the best if (when?) the Mets get to the last round? Before this series, the answer would have been chemistry...easily. But what is the answer now?

But here's a more important question...what does it say about my lack of intestinal fortitude that two whoopins at the hands of the Red Sox have me scouring You Tube for home videos of Mets wins, video of game 6 of the 1986 Series, and even the RBI baseball recreation of the bottom of the tenth to make me feel better?

By the way, I hear that there is soon going to be a RBI baseball recreation of Lastings Milledge's two butchered fly balls in the outfield this series. The Metstradamus crack staff has obtained a screenshot:

Now since this recreation would no doubt induce a fair amount of vomit, would it be known as a "Virus Video"?


Anonymous said...


jabair said...

ive seen lastings almost butcher plays and misjudge fly balls before but he always seemed to recover @ the last moment..

last 2 days, he simply looked clueless...

plus his strut, bat jiggle, & the elbow guard have always annoyed me ... his cockyness bothered me ... i leave prognosticating upto the experts, but with all the media attention he had been getting, i was afraid we were seeing a T.O. version of baseball in the making.. (glass half empty)

but i guess baseball is a humbling game and baseball gods know exactly when to pull the rug out from underneath you if you think youre bigger than the game..

so the glass half full part of me hopes that the last 2 days in boston have a humbling effect on milledge that is profound enough to last through out his career...

hope cliff comes back soon!!!

jabair said...

love teh RBI baseball reference.. LOL...

FenwayParked said...

You know I've enjoyed watching the Red Sox win 2 against the Mets who I know are a good team.
In order to watch the games with the sound on I had to endure a very bad team.
The Mets broadcast team are terrible. Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez don't see to have a clue.
Tuesday night they compared a catch Lastings Millridge made off the wall to one Carl Yastztremski might make. Yaz? gimme a break. Listen to the tape. They did it! I think they jinxed him. The poor kid could hardly find the ball out there after that. I am a card carrying member of the Red Sox nation but I felt bad for him. I liked seeing Pedro and Delgado go up to him and say hang in there. But I digress.
The Hernandez/Darling combo were painful to listen to. I thought about taking notes Tuesday night but I didn't and wish I had.
Last night Darling started out by saying the Red Sox had won 11 in a row. Then the boys proceeded to offer every cliche in the book and bring up '86 1,986 times. I'm not bitter I just think those 2 could offer something more substantive.
Last night the production team decided they should make a few errors too. One of the best was the field reporter talking about the Red Sox 4 retired numbers over a tight shot of the 5 retired numbers. Then probably because he's as green as Boston on Saint Patrick's day he only points out Yastztremski and Fisk's numbers. That number 9 up there was worn by a pretty good hitter named Ted Williams.
Then there was the great laugh provided by the Aflac trvia question. The boobs in the booth had given out the answer a couple of innings earlier. Why didn't they just change the question?
I know it borders on an inside joke, but one shot outside Fenway
was described as Yawkey Way. From the camera angle it couldn't be because, Fenway couldn't be on the
left side of the picture. I think it was Van Ness street out by the statue of the player who wore number 9.
There is so much more I know, enough already. I've listened to a number of different broadcast teams on and Hernandez and Darling ought to be sent back to the minors. Hell, they should maybe listen to Jim Kaat and David Justice they're pretty good.
Actually tonight I'm looking forward the boobs in the booth. It ought to be fun. And who knows? maybe I'll stop back again with a review.

Anonymous said...

Although Milledge has been awful the last 2 games ( maybe Willie should have had a more experienced guy, Chavez in left,) he is hardly the reason for the Mets demise in Boston. I voiced concern about Pedro being too emotional and admitting he didn't want to pitch.
It was a recipe for disaster. I also have to say I was put off with all of Pedro's remarks. You can make nice nice to the Boston organization and fans, but he went too far in my opinion.
Let's get the damn game tonight and get the hell out of Beantown with some semblance of dignity.

quint said...

"i'm keith hernandez. i was in game 6. i won the mvp in 1979.@

don't eff with keith.

Anonymous said... certainly have raised some very substantive issues. I'm sure that Omar will certainly address all of them before the season progresses much further. One must have priorities.....musn't one? Eagerly await your next review. This one has been passed along to the booth to avoid offending you again. Thanks for your help and input.

Unser said...

Awful Pedro quote of the night: "The cheers I got when I took the mound were more important than the game." Excuse me?!?! Hey Pedro, remember whose paying your salary. Enough with the Boston love fest - if we face the Sox in the series, would you "rather not pitch"? Anyone else have a problem with these Petey quipps? That mental lapse on the Ortiz grounder in the first was unforgiveable, as was Pedro's excuse that the emotion of the moment got to him.

In response to MD's question - I think they definitely need to get a quality starter who can throw at least 90 mph. Omar doesn't have to push the panic button, but, let's face it, Pedro's velocity has gone consistantly down as the year progresses, and he ain't hitting his spots. We need someone who can match guys like Clemens, Oswalt, Beckett, Schilling and Contreras.

Anonymous said... my previous post, I mentioned I was annoyed at the "love fest." It went way too far for my taste. And don't tell me Willis or Zito ( because that is not happening)....but where do you think we can just pluck a quality starter from? Like no else is in line for one....right?

Unser said...

I'm not talking about Zito and Willis. They need a 3rd starter - they're out there and you don't have to give up much to get one. According to ESPN, the Padres are looking for hitting and are willing to part with Young or Williams. The Tigers also want hitting - they're also willing to trade a starter.

Maybe Pelfrey?

You know who'd be perfect? KRIS BENSON!!

I have faith in Omar - he'll come up with something.

Shari said...

Hi Metradamus You are brilliant- that my two dads thing is hilarious.
Anyway-as we can all see, the Mets starting pitching is a huge issue here. I knew Pedro & Glavine would tire or possibly breakdown halfway through, Trachsel is Trachsel Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde-in a nutshell nothing more than a .500 pitcher. Soler needs to settle down and notbe afraid to throw strikes, and El Duque is not the answer long term.

Anonymous said...

If the Yanks are smart, they'll learn a lesson from Boston and do a tribute to El Duque prior to the game and he can have a meltdown as well. The truth be told, he's going to have a meltdown regardless!

Metstradamus said...

Jabair, I think to a degree his whole major league experience is humbling to a point, not just the two catches. Cockiness is not necessarily a bad thing. Bat waggles and strutting doesn't bother me, as long as the cockiness in his mannerisms don't cross into his words and actions. And really for the most part, I don't think it has.

Fenway Parked, first off I'm a huge fan of your needling of Darth Marc on his blog. Glad that you're here.

I absolutely did notice the Chris Cotter gaffe on the uniform numbers. I was busy trying to figure out which one he omitted in his mind! I couldn't do it. And yes, there seems to be a significant amount of green-ness in the production team.

As for Keith and Ron, I think they along with everyone else got caught up in the aura of three days at Fenway and are trying too hard to put everything in a historical context. Those guys, Keith especially, actually are very good when they are analyzing the game and the intricacies of each situation. Ron is certainly much better this season than he was with the Nationals last year, when he seemed very stiff. They all seem to be comfortable when they work together...but probably get a bit too humorous for their own good when both Keith and Ron are in the booth. But you're talking to a fan base that has endured Fran Healy for...well forever. Inanimate objects would have been an improvement.

Unser, that gaffe on the Ortiz grounder was weird. I'm not sure he thought he had a play at second but at the very least he had a play at third. Somebody said to me last night as the game was starting that he was scared that Pedro was too wound up and was scared he would implode. Maybe HE should be the soothsayer. In terms of his comments, I don't take anything Pedro says at face value. Whether it's part of a larger plan or a result of responding to hoards of media a little too hastily, I'm sure there's something behind what he said.

In terms of a pitcher? I think there's no shot at Dontrelle at this point. He's not going anywhere. Zito will be with Oakland the rest of this season. I've always pined for Jason Schmidt but as long as the Giants keep winning that's not happening either. Livan Hernandez is going to be the focal point of a bidding war between the Mets and Yankees, so I don't thinlk that's happening either. Anyone else that's out there might not be a significant upgrade from Trachsel. Gil Meche? That's the only name I can think of.

Shari, thanks. I watch too much television. Hopefully the bullpen will continue to be lights out and help out the starters if they need to stop after five innings until they get their stamina back. I find myself wondering how Dave Williams is doing and that's scary!

Shari said...

Hi Mestradamus- I watch entirely too much TV too-
I thinks that why I appreciated that reference so much.
The photoshopping of Pedro in between Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan is priceless.

In the grand scheme of things with the team, you can't win when you have to rely on your pen to bail out all of your starters-with Pedro & Glavine going well I didn't have a ton of faith for the post season, which I totally believe the Mets will be part of. I have always said since last season 2007 is more than likely their year to win it all.

Toasty Joe said...

Ahhh, Greg Evigan. Who could forget his star turn in "Deepstar Six." Or was it "Leviathan"? Perhaps it was "The Abyss." It was one of those.