Friday, June 23, 2006

History Afoot?

All right. I'm going to say it and I'm going to stick by it:

Something amazing is going to happen with the Mets this weekend in Toronto.

Now I know what you're going to say: "Metstradamus, amazing things happen every day with this team. It's a semi-regular occurrence." And you're right.

But this is different. This isn't the general last inning comeback feeling I'm getting, or the sweep of the Blue Jays feeling I'm getting. This is different. I think that something of enormous proportions is brewing.

It's easy to say no-hitter...and Tom Glavine goes tonight in the first game against a Blue Jay team that will be heading into Toronto late tonight. It could be a no-hitter. But it could also be something else. It could be Carlos Delgado hitting a two out two strike salami in the ninth off of his former team. Heck, it could be Carlos Delgado going deep three or four times in a single game. It could be a ten RBI performance by somebody. It could be Julio Franco becoming the oldest ever player to...start a bench clearing brawl? It could be anything. But it's going to be significant.

But why this weekend? Why in Toronto?

Simple, because I'm not going to be there.

It's not like I've been at any other game this season, but if things had broken right (a lot of things), this was the series I would have traveled to see. I haven't been to Toronto since 1998, and absolutely loved the city when I was there and have been looking for an excuse to go back ever since. (I may have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: the hot dogs sold by the street vendors in Toronto are the absolute best hot dogs that I have ever eaten...and if any of you are going up there, do yourself a favor and chow one down). One thing I didn't do back in 1998 was see a baseball game at SkyDome, but I had a legitimate reason: it was November. And this time out would have been perfect. The Mets are in town, and there's even a promotion between the Saturday and Sunday game where fans can sleep in SkyDome, and have the Blue Jays serve you breakfast. Sweet!

If I could have, I would have. But I can't. And that means that I'm going to miss something significant. I can feel it.


Once again, Michael Oliver echoes my thoughts.


It hit me a little bit watching the game today...and seeing the construction happening beyond the outfield wall, getting ready for the ceremonial groundbreaking for "Shea II, Brute". I'm not prepared to know how to feel about this.

I will say this, just because there's construction, doesn't necessarily mean a stadium is going up. But seeing the cranes and the pile of dirt and the towers is a severe dose of reality...concrete sights added to abstract thoughts and drawings.


Who the hell are LaShelle Tarver and Mike Stenhouse? I don't remember them in 1986, do you?

Does Bill Simmons even know who these guys are?


broke NY grad student said...

Another nice thing about Toronto: Graduate school tuition is ~$4,000 a year.

And poutine is the best baseball snack this side of a knish. Can't you almost taste the gravy'n'cheese goodness?

beezermess said...

Hey Metsradamus....

I know what you are are feeling that the Mets take 2 out of 3 in Toronto....and they do not have to face A.J. Burnett (he looked nasty against the Bravos last night, didn't he?)

David Wright is starting to remind me of a Mike Schmidt type third baseman except Wright has more speed and he can hit for average...Boy, I am so glad that the last regime DID NOT trade him for Joe Randa....

Side note...

I don't have a problem with Thornton winning the Hart Trophy, but Jagr was the driving force and the difference between the Rangers being picked to finish last overall to making the playoffs...and he also did not have Johnathan Cheechoo riding shotgun, either....
and speaking about being picked to finish last in the league...I know that Lindy Ruff did a great job and so did Peter Laviolette, but c'mon folks...Renney put in a system that they followed to the playoffs...that is what a coach of the year does....he makes a difference...

Unser said...

You don't remember LaShelle Tarver? Or "LT" as his mates use to call him? He was the guy who helped bring the champagne and ice into (and then out of) the Red Sox locker room toward the end of Game 6.

elliot said...

I will look forward to this wonder - whatever it may be. How about a 6 stolen base day for Jose Reyes? How about a steal of home - by Jose Reyes? How about the second cycle in a week - by Jose Reyes?

MET JESUS said...


MET JESUS said...


beltran will hit 3 homers on saturday

--and can us mets fans stop comparing arod/jeter to wright/reyes. they are home grown and i will take them over anyone but lets not start this nonsense i hear it constantly on wfan it too late to get valentin into the all star game at second?

Unser said...

M'D - did you see this story? Hopefully this is not the historical incident you were predicting.

Ian said...

If Carlos Delgado hits a grand slam against his former team in the bottom of the ninth, it would truly be remarkable, as it would mean the Blue Jays offered to let the Mets bat last.

Metstradamus said...


If the Rangers win ONE more game down the stretch, Jagr wins MVP.


I did hear that. My crack staff tells me that the Myers' had an argument over Ryan Howard's lack of production in the clutch.


I can't believe I typed that. My brain was specifically thinking "top", but somehow typed "bottom". But then again with the Mets doing so well on the road, maybe the Jays will give the Mets last licks. Who knows?

kyle in newport news said...

I will represent you at the games in Fenway next week... er, let me know how you'd like to be "represented."

Metstradamus said...


A subtly placed hex on Julian Tavarez would do just fine. Thanks for offering.

Joe Carter said...

Renney had a great year leading the Rangers but the collapse down the stretch cost them dearly in the playoffs. They lost games they never should have lost and handed the Devils the division. No way for coach of the year but a good job overall.

I can understand the fatigue about hearing the Jeter/A-Rod - Reyes/Wright comparisons. Just remember, Jeter is home grown as well and so were a lot of the players from that championship run.

Kyle in Newport News said...

Julian Tavarez!!!

I forgot he was on the Red Sox now. I assure you that I am 100% on board with this plan. Oh man!