Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hold The Ice (Down On Your Arm)

They say that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Where does that put filthiness?

After tonight, filthiness may be on the shelf next to Victor Zambrano.

If you didn't see the game, and you're squeamish about hearing bad news, you might not want to read any further. You might want to go here and just dive into some good old bliss.

All right, you've stayed with me...don't say I didn't warn you.

Duaner "Filthy" Sanchez suffered a freak injury after throwing his second pitch of the game about five feet wide and to the backstop in the eighth inning...and he wasn't able to lift his arm over his head.

If you heard Paul Lo Duca talk afterwards, well aren't you lucky because he's quickly becoming the best post-game interview in the major leagues (if not quite the best baserunner, as he tried to hit an inside the park home run while completely skipping the entire third base had to see it to truly appreciate it). But seriously, he didn't sound too concerned after seeing Filthy in the lockerroom after the injury. Maybe it looked worse than it was. In fact, it's "officially" being called a "shock" to his neck which ran down his arm to his fingers.

Tell me something boys and girls: when you heard the cute little story in spring training that Sanchez never...and I mean never...ices his arm, you knew this was going to happen right? You knew that some sort of freak injury was going to occur to the genius that doesn't ice his arm.

Sanchez is due for an MRI back here at home on Saturday, just to make sure that it's just a shock, and not say: structural damage, a rotator cuff injury, and fifty seven little tears. My suggestion to you, if you subscribe to this sort of thing, is to throw down a couple of "Hail Mary's" and about 15 "Our Fathers" for filthiness...which right now is nowhere near Godliness. But that doesn't mean that He can't take a field trip and help out on this one.

(P.S. When I predicted something significant would happen in Toronto, that was not what I had in mind.)

As for the rest of the game, a 6-1 victory by the beloved, what was there not to love? There were Blue Jay fans embracing the return of Carlos Delgado with a nice ovation. There was another David Wright laser beam off the facing of the second deck. There was Tom Glavine bouncing back with a seven inning one run effort off of a team that was hitting in the .290's coming in. There was Lastings Milledge's deep dinger to center field (along with the silent treatment in the dugout, to which Milledge responded to by high fiving his imaginary friends instead) and his two acts of highway robbery in the field. And most importantly, there was the Mets lineup crushing a pitcher that absolutely should be crushed. Let's face it, this game had three Met singles written all over it. But they did the job...albeit with the help of the last remaining patch of astroturf in the majors turning 4-3 putouts into triples...but they did the job.


Has anyone else noticed Jose Reyes taking a subtle peek towards the first base line before every pitch tonight?


Can Bengie Molina tuck in his shirt please? He looks like he belongs in the Pepsi Party Patrol with that look. You're a professional dammit!


You know how confusing interleague play is? I saw St. Louis 3 Detroit 3, and my first fleeting thought was: "Who scored for the Red Wings?"


Mets Beast said...

hate to be the bearer of bad news... but we won 6-1... and i didnt even see the game... lol just pointing out some mistakes

Metstradamus said...

That's what happens when I let the domestic animals ghost-write the column.

Anonymous said...

can we all start singing now-

G-Fafif said...

One post later, LaSchelle Tarver was part of the Bobby Ojeda trade. The good part where we were concerned.

Hell, it was all good.

Anonymous said...

oy, duaner ... what's the word? Pinched nerve?

kyle in newport news said...

bj ryan's 0.47 era is really small.

Metstradamus said...

Yup, pinched nerve. Day to day.