Friday, June 09, 2006

Head For The Mountains...And Don't Darken Our Doorstep Ever Again

Now that Omar Minaya has corrected yet another misstep in the era of Jim Duquette, I only wish that along with Kaz Matsui, that all of those scouts that gave glowing reviews to Matsui while in Japan could also be shipped to the Colorado Sky Sox.

"Kazuo is the Alex Rodriguez of the Japanese game." -Robert Whiting, author of You Gotta Have Wa, the definitive English-language book on Japanese baseball. From December 8, 2003
"Extremely strong arm. Outstanding range, comparable to Omar Vizquel's. Fast as a bullet train. I think he's going to be very, very successful in the U.S." -Ted Heid, director of Pacific Rim operations for the Seattle Mariners. From December 8, 2003
"American grass looks really high." -Kaz Matsui from December 8, 2003
So the man who came with such fanfare, such defiance about changing positions, a no trade clause which excluded such large market teams as the Yankees, Dodgers, and Angels, and a news conference where he wore a 1986 championship ring, leaves to go play for the Colorado Sky Sox while still getting paid by the Mets.

Matsui hopes to become the first player ever profiled in Time Magazine to homer in his first minor league at bat.


nLak..B) said...

i want, now.

Jaap said...

It's too bad - another failed Japenese Met project. It's days like these I miss Bobby V.

Anonymous said...

in reference to the hate list for 6/10:

scroll down to the bottom of the article..Sportsguy agrees with you

Metstradamus said...

Anonymous, I've gotta admit, the Sports Guy article was the spark for Friday's hate list.

Unser said...

Maybe we can sign Kaz to a three year "1st At-Bat Contract" where, after his first plate appearance each year, he's released. How about offering $1,000 per year?