Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know that most Met fans aren't allowing themselves to get ahead of themselves ... asking themselves such questions as:
  • Will the Mets go to three starters or four in the playoff rotation?
  • Will Aaron Heilman be on the post-season roster or not?
  • Will Andy Phillips get a full World Series share?
But with last night's victory (and admit it: you loved that 10-8 score even though Oliver Perez was hit around and Jerry Manuel broke the new Met rule of "never pitch Nelson Figueroa against a bunch of softball girls") it's all right to feel good. No, I'm not going to feel better until the Mets are seven games in first place with sixteen games to play, but to see Carlos Delgado not only hit home runs but knock down satellites in the process is key ... not only because he's been the key to this lineup ever since he's gotten to New York, not only because the whispers of "MVP" have turned into full blown chants, and not only because I bought his jersey back in April when he stunk and he made me look like a genius.

But because Carlos Delgado is the guy who said this last season:
"I think at times we can get a little careless. We've got so much talent I think sometimes we get bored."
For as much undue flak Delgado received for that, it really is nice that he's the guy now carrying this team. Because who knows if he was talking primarily about the team or about himself ... but the one thing you can say now that Delgado has morphed into Ted Williams is that there's no way he's bored. If he was bored, would he have 11 home runs against lefties this season (as opposed to four last season?) Manny Acta thought he would be cute last night and bring in lefty Charlie Manning in against Uno Cinco to turn him around and then have Manning in to face Delgado ... they both homered (Charlie's no Peyton, obviously.) You can't get cute with the Carloses anymore.

So feel good ... it's okay to dream about post-season shares. Because you know, Ambiorix Burgos will probably need that share for legal fees. Idiot.

(Editor's note: At least Brian Bannister's ERA is rather high.)


Marco DL said...

Looking forward to tonight's game, I'm gonna listen to it on FAN while studying for an exam.

Pleaase Metstra, don't tell me about Brian Bannister, he's been killing my team in one the fantasy leagues during the last weeks...

Anonymous said...

I think the stupidist thing I've heard this year is this idea that Delgado was somehow intentionally tanking it under Willie, whom he disliked and did not respect, and turned it on for Jerry. Are these people crazy?

Sassdawg. said...


Did Schmidt make the hate list after the "E-mail"

Metstradamus said...

All ... five ... spots.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can we get Paul Molitor to do one of those e-mails to the Brewers tomorrow?

Or even better, next week when they play Florida, maybe Jim Eisenreich can e-mail the Marlins. Ohhh that would hurt.

Anonymous said...


Assuming the Mets win the division, who do you see as the Wild Card with two weeks to go? Earlier this year your "prophesy" was that the Phillies would take it and eventually meet the Mets in the NLCS. Are you still sticking to that? The Phillies and Brewers are not that far apart in the race with the Astros as an emerging dark horse. Some would say that not much is going well for the Brewers other than CC Sabathia.

If the Brewers get bounced, it will take that 1-2 combo of CC and Sheets out of the equation and likely put the Mets up against Torre and Manny in LA for the first round.....a much better scenario?

Also, don't get too high about the Delgado jersey...just remember you wore Wagner over the weekend and now his career with the Mets is over. Sad story...exit Sandman.

Metstradamus said...

I spent $180 on the Delgado jersey, $18 on the Wagner shirt. The way I figure it, I'm still way ahead.