Friday, September 12, 2008

Exit Sandman

You can't make this stuff up:
"I've played my last day as a Met, that's the way it goes ... I've always tried to take on everything straight on. There's no use sitting here and saying, 'Geez, I could always make this miraculous recovery and pitch in August and September.' I'm going to let the thing work itself out and see where it takes me." -Billy Wagner

Wagner said he wasn't feeling much pain, to his elbow or the knee from which doctors extracted a tendon to help repair his elbow, and was comforted by hospital visits on Wednesday from Moises Alou and Scott Schoeneweis. The estimated 12-month recovery phase has begun.
Alou really had no excuse not to visit, considering he's been in the hospital so often he pays rent.

"I've gotten used to the food."


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Anonymous said...

I like how Wagner is handling this. I read the entire article, and Wagner also says that he's not thinking about next year because he thinks the Mets can win the World Series this year. He said that he liked his time as a Met, but realistically doesn't think that the Mets will pick up his $8m option for 2010. Wagner is not whining or complaining - he's being straight. What more can we ask?