Sunday, September 21, 2008

S.O.B. (Save Our Bullpen)

I'm hearing through the grapevine that after today's loss to the Braves featuring yet another bullpen meltdown, that Jeff Wilpon is currently drafting a letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to ask him for one of those government bailouts that he's been handing out lately.

You know, during Saturday night's game, Gary Cohen speculated on the amount of Mets pitchers that could reach 80 appearances for the season. At that point, Aaron Heilman had 75, and Gary said that Heilman, with eight games left on the schedule, would probably reach 80 games.

That would mean that after today, Heilman would appear in four of the final seven games to reach the tragic number. And I'll say this: if I have to sweat through four Aaron Heilman flavored games in the next week, I'm flying to Chicago ... I'm going sightseeing at the top of the Sears Tower ... I'm going to take some wonderful pictures from atop the Tower ... And then I'm hurling myself off of it. It's about the same kind of experience that I get watching a Mets game anyway these days.

Now ... explain to me one more time why Al Reyes was released? I mean, does Reyes really have less control and velocity than a rotting corpse?


Anonymous said...

What happened to not putting him in a pressure situation again? I mean, bases loaded - 8th inning, 1 run down with your big guys coming up in the 9th, it was hardly a mop up game.

Did that one out he got in Friday's game restore Manuel's confidence completely?

I would have kept and used Reyes only because statistically, someone had got to be able to get someone out at some point.

You watch these games and when Beltran gives away an at-bat by trying to bunt, and Church hits into a double play - I said to myself, they're gonna lose this one, because 2 runs isn't enough.

Until the 9th, it seemed like a sick replay of the game last week - and would have been the same final score if not for Delgado's blast. I listened to both games on the radio while doing work in my garage, which was another similarity. I started to forget what day it is.

Anonymous said...

I have to fault Manuel on one thing today - those intentional walks. This bullpen is not capable of negotiating around hitters like that. Best to keep as many people off the bases as you can, and hope/pray the ball is hit at someone.

And Castillo just cannot hit 7th. If and until Easley returns, hit him second and hope that he walks, or use him to sacrifice bunt. He's a rally killer and poses no threat whatsoever.

Hurling yourself off a tall building . . . I have to say that I had similar feeling after watching today's game. I just can't believe this.

Unknown said...

Metstradamus is the best Mets blogger on the Interweb. I feel your pain my man, but with the Cubbies coming in to town, OP and Santana pitching, they will get up for this one. Why the hell is Luis Castillo in the game?? He reminds me of those guys in Little League who would look at six pitches and try for a walk every time. Seriously, can he hit one out of the infield? We're going to make the playoffs but its going to be gut wrenching.

The Metmaster said...

I swore a couple of months ago that I was done with the Mets. I did not read this blog for some time. They were doing well and I figured I did not want to undo the karma. But the karma is over. Have you ever seen a group of so-called "professional" athletes choke as badly as the Mets bullpen of 2007-2008!?? I have followed baseball for over 40-years and never have I seen a more inept group of major leaguers. If the Mets do not have at least a 5 run lead after the 6th inning you just know the bullpen will be 50-50 whether they will be able to get the win. You just absolutely know that a 1 run lead in the 8th is not going to stand up. Watching the Mets bullpen is like the scene in "Marathon Man" where Lawrence Olivier drills Dustin Hoffman's teeth inquiring "Is it safe?" If you've seen the movie you'll recall the bewildered response from Hoffman, "No it's not safe. It's very dangerous". Enough said. It's not safe. Pass the oil of cloves.

MetFanMac said...

I have a statement to make.

Around this time last year I was talking about the Mets in the postseason with conditional modifiers ("IF they make it"), even when they were up by 7. This year? I was still holding out hope, at least for a Wild Card.

But not anymore. If the Mets make the postseason, there is an 8-to-1 chance that they become the team that wins the World Series.

And do you know what?

I do NOT want that to happen. That's right, I do not want the 2008 Mets to position themselves for a possible Series win.

Because there is not one, NOT ONE, of the bullpen that remotely deserves a World Series ring. If denying them that means denying the whole team a championship, so be it. THAT is how much I loathe these guys.

Remember that guy who parachuted into Shea during the '86 Series waving a banner?

We should recreate that.

Only instead of dropping a banner-waving parachutist, what we should do is CLUSTER BOMB THE FUCK OUT OF THE BULLPEN. (Barring that, someone should shove AN ENTIRE BAT up Aaron Siegheilman's ass.)

Minaya! Bring back Bradford. Bring back Oliver. Hell, bring back Tug McGraw! He'd still pitch better than any of these "professional" relievers we have now, and he's been DEAD for four years.

I've been a Met fan through thick and (extremely) thin. But this year's team taking home the prize? It turns my stomach.

Metstradamus said...

So ... you would rather the Mets be the joke of the league again? You'd rather we suffer through another season where we get passed at the wire by not only the Phillies, but the Brewers? THE BREWERS??? Baseball's Barry Horowitz? The team who fired their coach with three weeks left in the season? That's who you want to pass us just so that the bullpen doesn't get rings?

You want crying kids on the cover of the Post again?

You want to see Brett Myers start Game 1 of the World Series?

You want me to slit my wrists and bleed on my laptop?

Because you know ... blood stains are hard to clean off a laptop.

MetFanMac said...

Buddy, you have it bang on the nose. That is EXACTLY how much I hate this bullpen.

(I don't have a laptop, but slit wrists would still be an option for me. I would be satisfied, but not happy.
Who said it was easy being a Mets fan?)

Anonymous said...

Here's some things to hope for as Mets fans.

IF... if the Mets come back and take the division, that will be the best way to banish the ghosts of last year - with a late-season run to win something. The final banishment will come if the Mets take first, Philly is the WC, and the Mets beat them in the post-season.

Can that happen? Well, it's a lot more likely than last year. This year, there's no Tom Glavine to completely throw away two games down the stretch.

Anonymous said...

700 Billion dollars and we would still find a way to blow a lead...I never realized how much I hate the Braves until now...when they were good, you wished that they would rot in hell and they suck and they are playing like it is 1999...
Completely least the Giants won and hockey's back...

Anonymous said...

Has anybody ever considered that maybe the air in the bullpen should be tested? Maybe there are toxic fumes eating away at the pitchers brains and stamina. What else can possibly make this many major league pitchers on one staff so bad.

How do you bring any of these guys back next year and expect people to pay the prices at Citifield?

Anonymous said...

Is now a good time to mention that in 2006 the Cardinals won the World Series with a lot of help from their rookie relievers? That was after their inept closer was done for the season and instead of giving the closing job to Looper they instead went to Wainwright.

Now with that being said, can Jerry FINALLY use Parnell, Kunz, Rincon and maybe even Jon Niese in these situations instead of the same old failures?!

The Metmaster said...

Here's how the postseason has to go. Fred Wilpon sits in a room with K-Rod and his agent. Fred reaches for his wallet and places it on the table in front of him. He tells K-Rod, "Go ahead son, take it, take as much as you want from it". End of meeting.

Anonymous said...

then k-rod blows out his arm in spring training and spends the next 4 years vacationing on his yacht. country time drops by for mojitos.