Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Could It Be Tragic?

Or at least more tragic than last year?

Consider that although the Mets never had a seven game lead this season, Son of Choke might statistically be bigger than Choke itself. Consider:

The Mets had their seven game lead at the end of play on September 12th, 2007. In the twelve days since, they lost five games in the standings to the Phillies while going 4-7.

At the end of play on September 10th, 2008, the Mets had their biggest lead of the season, a 3.5 game lead. From then until now, twelve days since, they've lost six games in the standings to the Phillies while also going 4-7. And this year, they're threatening to choke the playoffs away to not one, but two teams ... including, of course, a team that was choking so bad they fired their manager in September.

That team has three games with the Pirates coming while the Mets' three games are against the Cubs. Then, the Brewers get the Cubs for three while the Mets get Florida. The Brewers will miss Carlos Zambrano and Rich Harden while the Mets get them on Wednesday and Thursday. The Mets, meanwhile, have their ace going tonight ... which means another chance for the bullpen to blow a lead for him.

So forgive me if I start thinking about alternate plans for October.


Rickey said...

No way can it be more tragic than last year, but there is that same lifeless feeling, yes.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same frustration, believe me, but let's not write the epitaph just yet. Remember, if you were told that the Mets would lose Maine, Wagner, their starting left fielder(s) and second baseman, and that Pedro would be ineffective, you would take the wild card in a heartbeat.

They've got 6 games to prove themselves . . .

Anonymous said...

I don't think people will view it as 2 separate things. I think for better or worse, this year is a continuation of the collapse from last year.

If this situation happened in 2006, we'd be biting our nails, and getting agita, but the negativity wouldn't be there because we'd all be excited to have them in a pennant race.

So I agree with unser, no epitaph yet. Remember 1999, - 2 games down with 3 to play? That was crazy, and after the mini-collapse of 1998, it was great that they finally made a postseason appearance.

Of course as I write this, damn Brewers just scored 2 runs on the craptacular Pirates.

Anyway - stay positive, only our negativity can destroy us. Thats it, I'm standing by that. Good night, and good luck to Ollie tomorrow!

MetFanMac said...

Last year was (as Tom F'in Glavine didn't put it) devastating. This year was disappointing, then thrilling, and if they choke, well, it will be disappointing but hardly tragic. And certainly not devastating.

But Johan Santana will not contrivute to that. Why, the man justs keeps adding to his legend: he makes MAGIC with his bat!