Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weather Is Not To Be Trusted

"I don't trust the weather," Manuel said. "Everybody says it's going to rain and then the sun is shining. I'm telling you we're playing tomorrow." -Jerry Manuel on Friday night
Dear Jerry,

Mother Nature wanted me to respectively remind you that you shouldn't mess with her.



(Editor's note: Mother Nature has some sense of humor ... how would you feel if you bought a ticket to see a Sunday afternoon game, then had your plans changed to see a Sunday night game, and there wound up being a Sunday afternoon game anyway? I don't know what John Kruk has to do with this but gosh darn it I'm not going to rest before I found out.)


katherine said...

I hate the fact that we're playing a doubleheader. Two losses in one day is more emotional trauma than I can handle. And to go from 2 games ahead, to tied for first place in one day - how terrible is that? I am praying for a split.

And can someone explain to me how Daniel Murphy is not one of the nominees for Rookie of the Month in August?

Anonymous said...

I apologize for my last post, which I tried to do in the character of the Bwah Bwah guy.

Well it seems I inadvertently put the whammy on the Mets (I'm not giving some bullshit e-mail from Mike Schmidt that much credit).

I also washed my Savannah Sand Gnats hat, which, I should have learned by now, you never, ever do during the baseball season.

I blame myself if they get swept.