Saturday, September 06, 2008

Check Your Inbox

"One pitch, one at bat, one play, one situation, think ‘small’ and ‘big’ things result, tough at-bats, lots of walks, stay up the middle with men on base, whatever it takes to ‘keep the line moving’ on offense, 27 outs on defense, the Mets know you’re better than they are. They remember last year. You guys are never out of a game. Welcome the challenge that confronts you this weekend. You are the stars. Good luck. #20."

-Mike Schmidt, in an e-mail to the Phillies before Friday night's 3-0 Met defeat.
Thankfully, the Mets family showed that once you leave the Mets, you never really leave the Mets. And they responded after the game with a flood of e-mails in support of the current team:
"Gosh golly boys, you can do it! Gee whiz! And just know that if you need me to manage, I'm a phone call away." -Gary Carter

"Hey you need that extra motivation against the Phillies. You need that second gear. Hey, tough guys, you need ... Shave Zone!" -Lee Mazzilli

"If they ain't startin', you ain't departin." -Garry Templeton

"Hey, just letting you know that now that my team is out of the running, that I'm rootin' for ya ... take 'em to school like that school was in Colorado!" -Mike Hampton

"F**k Whitey! F**k the f**king Cardinals. Wait, what? They're playing the Phillies? Oh. Hey, you need stock tips?" -Lenny Dykstra

"Show 'em the Bronx!" -Bobby Bonilla

"Hey guys, I know how to make this loss hurt a whole lot less ... if you're interested." -Tony Tarasco

"Does Von Hayes still play for them? No? Oh, good. Go get 'em boys! -Calvin Schiraldi

"As long as you battle you'll be winners in my book! -Art Howe

"I wish you the best of luck." -Brent Gaff

P.S. Yes, I did play for the Mets. Does anybody remember me?

"Gregg Jefferies sucks!" -Roger McDowell

"Don't worry about not scoring runs tonight. Your offense is so good you'll come out this series and explode ... like that M-80 that I hurled towards a school girl." -Vince Coleman

"Hey, you still need bullpen help?" -Toby Borland

"Just keep 'em off the scoreboard in the first inning next time and you'll be fine." -Tom Glavine

"What the hell is 'e-mail'?" -Kevin McReynolds


Anonymous said...

Ah, a Tony Tarasco sighting. Good times indeed.

weesle909 said...

If there's a single player on the Mets who "...knows the Phillies are better than they are..." I'd like his name.

(Of course, they did pretty much shut us down last night...)

And after today's rainout I'm afraid we'll have to probably accept the Fillies taking 2 of 3. Hard to win two in a day.

Man, if only Church had caught that ball. You ever see a guy look in his glove and be so disappointed to NOT see the ball? I think he really thought he had it.

Mike said...

"What the hell is 'e-mail'?" -Kevin McReynolds


(And I do remember Brent Gaff.)

weesle909 said...

Oh, forgot to ask...

Did they boo Mike Schmidt after getting the email?

Anonymous said...


Was it just me or was that crows last night one of the deadest crowds you've ever seen at Shea.

Josh said...

Your beard is weird!

-Keith Hernandez

Anonymous said...

I think I'll post this just to get this out of the way before you know who beats me to it.

"bwah bwah bwah! silly Mutts fans -- the Phillies know how superior they are to you! Sweep is coming! First place on Sunday Night! The collapse part 2 is coming!"

Whew - I'm glad I got that out of my system. Lets all light candles for Pedro and Johan.

Anonymous said...

The Silliest are better than us? Did I miss those head to head stats this year?

Sarah D. Bunting said...

"Two thumbs up!" -- Fregosi

(that one's for my dad, who's still bitter)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Ooooh Do me next!