Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just For Mets

I never bother with post game news conferences. People get up to the podium and say the same boring things over and over again. Drives me nuts.

So when it was time for Snoop Manuel to discuss what was perhaps the worst loss of the season afterwards, I got ready to leave the room only to hear his opening statement:
"Oh it's baaaaaaaaad. It's baaaaaaaaad."
Sign number one your season is in trouble: When your manager sounds like Emmitt Smith in the rocking chair from the Just For Men commercial, it really is bad. Emmitt, thespian that he is, sounded like he was dying in the commercial (I don't know how you die from gray hair but that's another conversation.) This Mets season is dying a slow painful death too.

It should have been a glorious evening with the Braves not only doing to the Phillies what they did to the Mets this week, but with Julian Tavarez and Shane Victorino arguing like two old ladies going after the last hair clip at Target.

(Editor's note: If Shane Victorino and Julian Tavarez fought to the death, I wouldn't know who to root for.)

Instead, only missed opportunity ... much like that ninth inning where Daniel Murphy tripled to start off the inning, and David Wright struck out for the first out, allowing the Cubs to walk the Carloses to get to the absolutely putrid Ryan Church ... who promptly grounded into a fielders choice for the second out to expedite the end of the inning, and perhaps the Mets' playoff hopes.

(Retrospective Irony: If Murphy had only singled rather than tripled, the Carloses get at-bats instead of intentional walks after Wright's strikeout. But if Wright doesn't swing at ball four, then at least one of them gets an at-bat. At least Wright is still handsome, and has a wax statue.)

Oh it's bad, especially when Fredi Gonzalez has announced that he's playing his regulars in the final series of the season.

Asked why, Florida's manager said: "To stick it to the Mets again just as we did last year because we hate them and we hate everything about them For the integrity of the game and for the way you should play the game. That's the only way to do it. Like we did last year."
Yup, I think Wednesday was the last nail in the coffin. Oh it's baaaaaaaaaaad.

(Editor's note: In the spirit of missed opportunity, I am usually keenly aware of chicken finger night on Wednesdays, when my job puts out chicken fingers for the staff. Last night, I missed the chicken fingers. I felt like Ryan Church, David Wright, and Fluff Castro combined. So it was that kind of night. I choked. Clearly, it's an epidemic.)


Anonymous said...

I was riding the subway home after work at 2 a.m. thinking, "How did Jeter have all this luck? 4 rings. 4 parades. King of the Big Apple. So, why do guys like Wright and like the entire pitching staff minus Santana CHOKE day after day when it's all on the line?"

I think it's part luck. THE GAME OF BASEBALL IS 75% talent, 25% luck. The chance of a sharp line drive missing Reyes's glove by 6 inches. The chance of Santana's bat meeting up with his ball and keeping the LUCK alive!

So, why for 12 straight years and 4 World Series did the LUCK work its magic for Jeter and Co? Why no luck for our FLUSHING Mets?

4 days left for stringing some luck together. Mookie Wilson's ground ball. LUCKY.

We need Mookie Luck. Lots of it. Or Yogi Luck. Remember Yogi, lucky number 8, when asked why he was such a great clutch hitter said: "I don't know. Maybe I was just lucky. I loved to hit with men on base. "

Wright, Beltran, Delgada (extremely lucky this season), Reyes (next in line as lucky Met), and all 18 pitchers (18 is lucky, too!)....BASEBALL is 90% mental; the other half is physical.

SO, guys, if you're reading METSTRADAMUS before tonight's game, go out there, get physical, and show some love for hitting with men on base. YOU MIGHT JUST GET LUCKY!

At this late hour, I apologize for not making total sense. Like you, I'm struggling, searching for answers...I told my kids we'd finally get cable if the Mets made it to the playoffs. They're praying for some lucky bounces that go the Mets way. Me too.

Anonymous said...

Note to David...just PUT THE BALL IN PLAY!!!

Why is it that Mets batters seem to foret situational hitting. A fly ball, a bloop (paging Mr. Lee),a soft grounder...JUST MAKE CONTACT. Instead we continue to swing for the fences instead of cutting down on the stroke. Now he's given me a stroke.

Tim Hill Photo said...

I think I have to support Tavarez in that death match.

Rickey said...

Numb. Rickey is just numb. If they make it in, it'll be in spite of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, Willie Randolph is saying "You see? See what I had to deal with?"

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one screaming at my television that Manuel had to have Wright squeeze on that play? Murphy has at least some speed, and it might have caught the Cubs off guard coming from Wright.

Anonymous said...

Was at the game last night . . .

I don't want to hear any more crap about Mets fans not showing up or being vociferous enough. That place was ROCKING last night, especially in the ninth, when it was ready to explode.

How the hell can a team with first place on the line fail to score a man from third with no outs in the ninthx and the middle of the order coming up? They would have done the same in the 8th but for a walk to Ramon Martinez who, by the way, was more composed in two at-bats than Wright, Church and Castro combined. Same for Murphy - how good is this guy?

Give credit to Manual - he told it like it is. Baaaad. And how about his "we've got to find a way" muttering? At least we know he's taking it as hard as we are.

Anyone looking forward to the final Shea ceremony on Sunday now?

Anonymous said...

Along with the rest of Mets fans, I've seen my share of tough losses, stunning losses, maybe even devastating losses. But this was the first one that actually made me physically ill.

I went to bed thinking, that Phillies would have had zero trouble getting that run in last night. (Or in any of the other 3rd base- none out situations the Mets found themselves in last night).

And maybe that's the point. Its not about talent, or luck, they execute and perform when they have to. Good teams do. And when handed the gift of a Zambrano meltdown last night our team failed to respond in nearly every way when it mattered. And maybe that will be the epitaph of the season. You can blame the bullpen all you want, but that part of their game is a given - deal with it. Wright puts bat on ball, and there is no 10th inning.

Pardon me while I go and vomit blue and orange again.

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say the Mets broke a lot of hearts last night: yours, mine, and millions of other people. I haven't had a worse night's sleep in a long time.

That ninth inning was a nightmare. When Murphy leads off the ninth inning with a triple that, in effect, ends the game. It's over, right there. Think about it. Because one of two things will happen:
a) the Mets get him home and win the game or
b) they fail to score Murphy and, therefore, momentum is forever lost and the Cubs figure out a way to win.

David Wright, who had a great AB earlier in the game vs. Zambrano, has to drive that run. I'm sorry. That might be hindsight, but he has to do better in that spot.

That doesn't mean he's the only loser. Church is putrid -- well said, Mestra. They are all choke artists. The Cubs aren't even throwing their best at us and the Mets can't win. This is the first time since Jerry took over that I've felt this way, but this team doesn't deserve to make the playoffs.

I am completely flabbergasted at how they lost last night.
I still can't believe they didn't win.

The Metmaster said...

The Mets lost their "clutchness" in 2006 when Beltran had his bat epoxied to his shoulder to end the game. They have not recovered from that game.

Anonymous said...

go check out The Onion. Either there is a Mets fan there or someone is making fun of us.

Either way, both articles are humorous and pretty spot on. Take a look, you have to laugh at this crap sometimes just to not cry about it.

And we could really use Carlos Voltron right now...

Anonymous said...

Anyone see this - Is this for real?

QueenV said...

Manuel sounds like he's totally baked during his postgame interviews. With the late inning hell this team goes through, I don't blame him.

weesle909 said...

Unser - Too funny. I guess it is real, though it does sound like an Onion story.

Maybe replace Ichiro with Heilman?

THAT would be easier to believe...