Monday, January 18, 2010

In Case You Might Have Missed This

Remember when former Met Jose Offerman charged a pitcher with a bat?

Well, he tried to top that Saturday night.

Nice to know that anger therapy worked so well. Too bad Snoop Manuel wasn't there to defuse the situation with a joke.
"TV replays show that [Daniel] Rayburn falls when he loses his balance, but not because Offerman hit him." -Licey Tigers GM Fernando Ravelo
"Yes my client shot the man seventeen times, your honor. But clearly he died of the cancer that was ravaging his body. So hereto forth my client should go free, your honor."

In a related story, Omar Minaya has signed Offerman to a two year deal because Omar likes the "fire in his belly."

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King Metropolitan said...

I would more believe that Omar signed all of the players who stood idling around on the field while their manager was attacking an umpire.