Thursday, January 07, 2010

Alright, I Admit It ...

I voted for David Segui.


Schneck said...

I think its kind of like when I was younger and I'd call the telethon shows just to hear the phone ring on TV and know it was me that was calling. I'm famous, that was my ring!! These guys want to be the news rather than just write it. They vote for someone that they know will stand out just to make themselves feel unique when in reality (like me when I wasted the time of an telethon operator) they are just a bunch of dumbasses desperate for any kind of attention.

Metstradamus said...

You said a mouthful. I remember when Jim DeShaies got a vote because he begged for one and one writer thought he was a nice guy so gave him a gift. Now it's writers making the story about themselves and making some sort of statement instead of taking the voting process seriously and respecting the privelage you have.

There's a writer whose name I will not mention who basically came out a few years ago and said "we writers screwed up about not looking for steroids and we need to be more dilligent and we need to be tougher" and on and on. And it scared me because I knew it would manifest itself in the other extreme. Unfortunately, it has manifested itself in these votes. McGwire, Bonds, and Sosa are going to be kept out of the Hall of Fame, and writers who keep them out for honest reasons and not to draw attention to themselves are correct. I don't agree, but I'm a nobody without a vote and that's a matter of opinion.

But David Segui gets a vote?

And people wonder why nobody trusts anybody.

Metstradamus said...

And to that end, if I'm Bert Blyleven I'm setting fire to my couch right now. Five votes short and five blank ballots? With varying agendas causing those five blank ballots? It's become as political as the Olympics.

tommy_calzone said...

Players are either HOFers or they are not.

If it were up to me I'd revamp the system starting with players get ONE year of eligibility. That's it.

This would erase a lot of the issues IMO and possibly bring back some of the kick to a severely watered down hall (Andre Dawson, really??).

If you really had to we could keep the veterans committee and TEN years after initial eligibility the player would have ONE year of vet committee eligibility.

If that didn't wake up the voters and cure the ills I would have an independent board review each voter every year making sure personal issues were left out of the voting. If you can not do this you will lose your right to vote.

There are plenty of worthy ineligible voters and plenty of losers that should not have the privileged to play God/politics with something so sacred as the Hall of Fame.

In the "best interests of baseball".

Ok, off the soapbox.

Wait, why is Omar at the Nets game and calling Robbie Alomar twice in an hour yesterday to see if he got elected?
Doesn't he have work to do?