Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sailed Ships

You know the expectations for your off-season have been lowered just a bit when the Mets go after somebody for three months, don't get him, and it's considered a success.

We Met fans will take what we can get.

Bengie Molina, who is just marginally better than Spike Nolan of the Hackensack Bulls, is headed back to the San Francisco Giants after GM Brian Sabean announced that "that ship has sailed". What Sabean didn't count on was that Molina's ship crashed into Derek Bell's yacht and never quite made it out of McCovey Cove.

That's the good news. The bad news is that Omar Minaya's sudden and inexplicable inability to multi-task has left the Mets without an outside option at catcher. Sure, we'd like to think that there's something else lined up, the fact is that we're most likely going to get another heaping dose of Omir Santos in 2010, with a sprinkling of Hank Blanco. But whatever happens, Bengie Molina can get old and break down somewhere else. And that's addition by subtraction. Or ... stagnation by subraction. Or, avoiding Bengie Molina because we have a younger version of Bengie Molina, thus avoiding the stigma of having one of Yadier Molina's brothers on the team. Because that would be kinda awkward.

If all else fails, I think Spike Nolan's still floating around the minors.


Schneck said...

To all of our fellow Met fans that chided those of us that are full of negativity and suggested patience, I'M STILL WAITING!!!!

King Metropolitan said...

Brian Sabean should get a raise for making sure Molina didn't wind up in a Mets uniform.

Trash Man said...

As usual, the Mets put out a big PR campaign suggesting they are working on deals with Molina, Pinero, Hudson and several others and always come up short. They had a way to improve their minor league prospects by signing Aroldis Chapman, but came up short on that too. Somehow they always come up short, whether it's missing the playoffs or missing signing the right players. They NEVER make the move that would put them over the top. It really makes it tough for fans to cheer for a team whose owners won't spend the money to fix what's wrong. I feel sorry for the Pittsburgh and Kansas City fans whose owners can't spend the money, but the Mets owners won't spend the money. Can't and won't are two completely different approaches.