Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vote Paul Lo Duca!

Well that was a mighty fine start to the homestand, wasn't it? Not only a victory, but a blowout victory at that.

Don't forget to vote Paul Lo Duca for next month's all-star game.

Carlos Beltran's quad certainly seemed no worse for wear either, as he dashed home from third on Carlos Gomez's sacrifice fly.

Hey, vote for Paul Lo Duca five times for the all-star game.

And John Maine was spectacular. When the Mets needed a great effort from their starting pitcher, Maine was there for them with seven and 1/3 innings of four hit ball and only two walks.

Paul Lo Duca needs your votes to take the lead back for starting catcher for the all-star game.

And the lineup seemed to be breaking out a little bit as well. Two hits each for Carlos Delgado, Shawn Green, Jose Reyes, heck even Ricky Ledee had two hits. And David Wright had three!

You know who else had two hits? Paul Lo Duca. And you know he needs your all-star votes.

You might have noticed the frequent in-game requests to vote for Paul Lo Duca for the all-star game. Well, don't worry. Those of us at home were also hit with commercials to vote Lo Duca. This recent election campaign came after Russell Martin of the Dodgers recently took the lead. I myself am mildly surprised that the Mets would undertake a campaign for one player over the others, but Lo Duca is the player that needs your help right now.

But as long as they're spending money to get votes in preparation for this Queens caucus, the ad campaign needs to be a bit stronger. May I suggest:


JMP said...

What concerns me is that we always get ONE good performance by a random starting pitcher per rotation. Last rotation was Perez. The one before that was Sosa.

I really hope Maine wasn't our only good performance out of the current batch of five.

Ceetar said...

Well, the multitude of runs would've won us the game regardless of the ONE good pitching performance.

I like the campaign banner, and it really drives home how much I tune out commercials. I don't recall any to vote for Lo Duca. haha..I'll be voting again though. I've already voted 100 times, what's another 50 or so?

Toasty Joe said...

Vote Quimby.

JMP said...

Excellent point, ceetar. Now there isn't another good performance left on the shelf to use against Santana tonight :(

Anonymous said...

Ledee: In the past series the DHs were Franco-LoDuca-Valentin.

One of those should have been Ledee after a creditable showing in his first start. Green could have Dhed, so could Beltran.

On Sat, Delgado unfunked. Then on SSun really looked better. I would not be suprised if he really puts together a run ala DW.

Maine and Ollie have pitched well. The high slider is key, because hitters chase it. Ditto for Ollie. He cannot pound the (protracted) zone against a good line-up. In this age you must get the hitter to chase. That to me is Glavine's issue, his stuff just isnt there his FB is too hittable.

Ironically, the Twins are facing our 3 hottest pitchers.

Anonymous said...

Willie's Votes:
1B: J Franco
2B: R Randolph
3B: C Boyer
SS: The Wiz
C: P Lo Duca
RF: Who needs one?
CF: B Williams
LF: That's communist, right?
P: SP: P Niekro RP: G Mota
Write-in: O Minaya, Born Again for the Money

MetsGrrl said...

I'm wearing my Lo Duca shirt tonight deliberately.

Metra, permission to borrow the banner for MG? All attribution, of course.

Metstradamus said...


The Lo Duca thing?


Regis C. said...

They hit me up when I was buying tickets over the phone. Hilarious.

GaryG said...

jmp, look at it this way... If we only get ONE good performance, at least we didn't waste it against Santana... Sorry I had to say that...