Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tea Totallers

And now, exclusive to you, are condensed highlights of Orlando Hernandez's performance against the Dodgers tonight...we start in the fourth inning:

Or were those Sunday's highlights?

And before you get on me for being fair weather, I'll remind you that as Met fans, you should understand that food tastes better, traffic moves faster, and air smells less smoggy when your favorite team wins.

When the Mets lose, we're grumpy. It's how we're wired.

I, my friends, am grumpy. And at this moment, I sincerely don't feel like putting things in perspective, keeping a happy face, turning the other cheek, noting that before tonight Hernandez has been nothing short of spectacular, or anything else that resembles positivity. This blog post, as are all blog posts, are not a reflection on how things will go the rest of the season, but rather a snap shot of how I feel at the moment. And guess how I feel right this very moment? I feel grumpy. I don't feel like spin doctoring, or being logical, or rational, or reminding myself (and you) that the Mets are still in first place. No, right now I feel like using Bugs Bunny as a metaphor for Orlando Hernandez.

Yes, Hernandez may be an innocent victim here, as the Mets lineup deserves scorn for not getting a hit past the sixth inning. And Paul Lo Duca deserves wrath for his idiotic throw to try to double up a runner after a squeeze play was foiled, costing them the fifth Dodger run. Even though it meant nothing, the play served as a microcosm of the horrible fate that has befallen the Mets since Doug Davis yo-yo'd them to death eight days ago. And you can't prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that after Lo Duca's mistake cost the Mets that insurance run that the air didn't come completely out of the Mets balloon.

But I can't find an appropriate video depicting a horrible throw to first base...and heaven knows I've tried (I even searched the term "midget toss", so don't tell me I haven't looked everywhere). Besides, Russell Martin taking over the All-Star balloting lead at catcher is probably punishment enough.

At a future date, hopefully not that far in the future, we'll all have a good laugh about this. We'll laugh as the hitting is good enough to overcome the pitching, and vice versa. But right now, the grumpiness seethes from my pores. I choose to embrace that. You may not, and that's your prerogative. Until further notice, and a couple of wins in a row, I'm grumpy.

All right, maybe a little positivity, but that's it.


elliot said...

LoDuca's throw was an error based on aggressiveness - something that the Mets can use now. I am not saying that it was a smart play, but I am not prepared to hand Paulie the blame for last night's awful loss.

If you want a microcosm of how the Mets are playing right now, how about Ruben Gotay? Here's a guy who has a chance to resurrect his career and become part of one of the strongest infields in baseball for years to come. Remember that Gotay is the same age as Jose Reyes. So, what does he do? He strikes out on three consecutive called strikes in the 9th inning with 1 out and none on.

In his entire Mets career, I don't think that Keith Hernandez had that happen to him even once.

Paul LoDuca either.

Unser said...

OK, I'm officially concerned.

Let's hope Milledge comes back quickly because I now put Alou in Pedro territory - If he comes back, great, but I'm not expecting to see him for the rest of the year.

The thing that bothers me is how, over the past few games, they score 2 or 3 runs early and then just stop.

Anyone interested in Adam Dunn? He's apparently on the block.

A.F.O.M.G. said...

That video was hilarious, and perfectly, if horribly, illustrative of the past few games. Great job pulling that one out of the time capsule.

Anonymous said...

Yes we are grumpy:

But, this is our first real funk. Alou is an interesting subject. We bloggers, now with supporting evidence decried his signing as a waste because of Alou's history of injuries. It was a one yr deal so no great eathquake, but in hindsight would Carlos Lee have been better? If not posturing for Zito, Omar might have done it.

Dunn is a deathtrap to this offense already riddled with 'leave me on base syndrome'. I expect milledge or gomez to fill one spot if Alou or Green walks. another 'proven' bat would be expected but look for better OBP.
ie: carl crawford.

Gotay has played super sub, but without PT what is expected? He should be platoonng regularly.