Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Charity Starts At Home

So Pedro Martinez threw off of a mound today.

Looked good.

Felt good.

Unfortunately, Petey's return isn't going to get the Mets a key hit.

Oh the Phillies tried...tried their hardest to give the Mets a gift on Tuesday, with Pat Burrell running around to occupied bases, and negotiating the outfield with the dexterity of a water buffalo in a Home Depot. What do the Mets do? They hit the ball right at him, of course.

The Phillies even had one of their better fielders, Aaron Rowand, drop a ball with two outs in the ninth putting David Newhan in scoring position (it's the only way David Newhan is going to get into scoring position without being on a date these days). But that golden opportunity went to waste, and the Phillies won the game 4-2 thanks to a Chase Utley home run in the 11th off of Pedro Feliciano.

At least the almost impervious Feliciano and Joe Smith decided to have their blemishes in the same game, just like they did against the Brewers, instead of spreading them out. For that, we can be thankful. But the lineup is lacking that certain something that made them so good for the last two seasons. With Ben Johnson and Carlos Gomez in the lineup, it makes it easier for a 79 year old pitcher such as Jamie Moyer and others to tip toe his way through said lineup.

You'll have to excuse me while I order those hyperbaric chambers to be sent to the houses of Moises Alou and Shawn Green.

Get well soon.

Really soon.


Anonymous said...

The game was there for the taking. Unfortunately, the Mets did not get the key hit to put them over the top.

Anonymous said...

Key hits: Glavine should get the PH call once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Good point, MP.
The team is pathetic, their early lead, like many in MLB, an illusion.
I see activity on July 31. This team's offense is too old and flat to make a serious post-season threat. The right-side defense at best is a joke.At least last year they had passion. Now they're a bore.

Anonymous said...

Yes that MP comment was out of frustration, but given Glavine's handling of the bat lately he IS a 26th man and a viable option.

Maddening. Gotay goes 3-4 with a HR Sat then sits???? Gotay is not a 21yr old rookie and a real candidate as a SH to take the 2nd base job..Why does not Willie do WHAT HE SAID he would and let Easley play some OF (especially given injuries to the entire stating OF, and give Gotay more starts at 2nd?

The close loses are frustrating but at the current pace the Mets would win around 110 games. I think they are saving some gas until the all-star break.

Anonymous said...

Hell, start Oliver Perez in the least he swings at strikes, and his BA is higher than Johnson and Newhan combined.
Seriously, the mood at Shea is "the natives are getting restless." I am.
And how can rest a team with half its starters out? They've had too much rest.

Anonymous said...

please put aaron heilman in your hate list for the rest of the season.