Thursday, June 28, 2007

Comp Time

It would have been just like the Mets to have their first no-hitter come on a five and a half inning rain shortened game, up against a guy who hadn't won a regular season game since the Nixon administration.

Thankfully, David Wright threw one wide and Met fans don't have to have an existential internal discussion about whether to embrace this game as history, or hide it in shame as the Mets usually seem to do with their history.

Frankly, I'm not smart enough to have that conversation with myself.

Maybe it was Wright's master plan to save us from ourselves. Maybe Wright knew that it was going to be a rain shortened game anyway (hey, Willie Randolph admitted that he manages differently when the forecast calls for a monsoon, why is it so far fetched that players play differently), so he let one fly in the name of avoiding asterisks.

Or perhaps, the ball just...slipped.

That sounds right.

In any event, Tom Glavine moves to 297 wins in a six inning game that's merely comp time from the first two eleven inning games, and he's now three away from the magic number. And the Mets magic number shrinks as the Phillies lose.

Oh, and Scott Spiezio, I got your infected finger right here. If you can guess which one it is, I'll hold it up for you.

(Editor's note: Grudges die hard.)

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Anonymous said...

True Irony is if the Mets win the division by one game..