Wednesday, June 27, 2007

With All Apologies

Sorry Scott.

I really had no way of knowing that one of the eight-year-old kids that I kicked off my lawn today would sneak off to Shea Stadium and hit a home run to beat you.

I should have known better. I should have known that if there was a chance you would enter the game tonight, that an eight-year-old child would hit a home run off of you. My bad.


But really, outside of the fact that some eight-year-old named Brendan Ryan would hit his first major league home run off Scott Schoeneweis after hitting six total home runs in his four year minor league career, the Mets are still fine. One of the things that drew me to the Mets in the first place (when I was Brendan Ryan's age) was that good or bad (happy or sad), the Mets would always put up some sort of fight in the ninth inning, no matter how many runs they were down by. During the latest bad stretch, the Mets would be dead in the final inning (more like the final four innings). No fire, no effort. Kind of like a game I saw back in 1981 (or so) Dave Kingman taking three straight weak hacks at fastballs while at the dish as the last hope for the Mets (he must have had a plane to catch that day).

With Shawn Green's walk in the ninth, I stopped worrying. Good at bats like Green's against Jason Isringhausen are all you can ask for when you're the last hope. So with Valentin up and Green on first, I was overtaken with a sense of calm. Because everything felt all right.

That is until that eight-year-old wouldn't get off Scott Schoeneweis' lawn. (Sorry again, Scott.)


Scott Schoeneweis. Pug. Same being? You decide.


Anybody else find it weird that the Yankees sign the first players from China, and then just days later they sign an endorsement deal with a Chinese dairy company?

Personnel moves decided by advertising? Oh that's rich.


Has Carlos Gomez gotten dusted yet?


dave said...

Scott Schoeneweis needs to take a long walk off a short pier. Where's Darren Oliver these days?

will said...

scott schoeneweis needs to remember that the mound is not a campfire and to leave the marshmallows at home

Krup said...

you have done a deep disservice to pugs...

GaryG said...

Seriously, the guy is pitching hurt. He can barely make it out to the mound. Time to DL him and call up Collazo.

Anonymous said...


1. Breathe in -Breathe out. Now after you come back to the middle look at the stats. WE have all said it...Sho is a LOOOGY..lefties only. He is not a longman, nor a set upo man but a LOOGY. Please note Righties hit .367 off him/lefties .200!!

2. Please send the great master of Managerial incompetence and aloofness (WR) that memo. Tho I am sure Omar has it.

3. Why is Sele here?

4. Never in the history of watching the Mets have I seen THE SAME LINEUP after an 11 inning game. Not when Gotay, braniac, Leddee, Easley are all available.

5. The winning run on 3rd base and U take out Gomez hitting .300 his last 2 weeks for Ledee...if anything bring up THE hottest Met hitter to PH TOM GLAVINE.

6. Ron Gardenhire for manager.

Anonymous said...

Julio Franco takes it up the tostones maduro-style.

However, he does eat eat 15 egg whites a day, which is impressive.

Schoenweiss? If the hitters could actually HIT, we wouldn't have this post. We'd have 5 straight wins.

Omar is really making Willie's job tough. But he's a Born-Again, and Thus the Born-Again Must Be Retained on the roster.

apv said...

Oliver's with the Angels and not doing very well. In 22 innings, he's given up 27 hits, 18 runs, 16 earned, and 3HRs. Opponents are hitting .310. I loved what he did for us last year, but he really might be done.

BTW, I flipped over to YES last night to see Bradford pitch a 1-2-3 8th for the Orioles to help them win. Granted, he's given up 34 hits in 29.1 IP, but no HRs and look at the team he plays behind. Remember folks, Omar didn't want to give Chad a third year. Clearly Omar's worst move as GM, and I've been saying that since November. Ok, maybe it's been compounded by the signing of The Little Show.

I like how Willie said last night's game was weird. You know what's REALLY weird? That the Mets are still in first place! They'll enter Philly in first, but I'm not sure they'll exit that way.

Marlon Munoz said...

&#^*&^#$% schoeneweis ...send him back to China for a carton of Milk..

Sit Delgado too..

#&@^$$#^%^ =!!!!!

Dick Young said...


Julio Franco is the best player of my era. You are disrespectful!OTOH, Tom Seaver is a greedy pig. Now I remember when Honus Wagner was scouting Julio Franco...

Anonymous said...

At least they're getting some good press:

41000seatssucks said...

--delgado needs his notebook back or his steroids. [and notice that albert puljos weight loss, sorta like delgado's? hmmmm...]
--franco needs to retire.
--schoenweiss and mota are minaya's moral albatrosses--and heavy ones, at that.
--sele is a scrub.
--dick young is very dead, thank dog.

MBurns1130 said...

being at that game was terrible. schoenenweis is a bigger joke than stanton

marlon munoz said...

can we trade schoewennie for s player to be named later?send the &#^$^#%$^ down!!!