Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Time To Turn On The Stove

Turn up to high, cook for twenty minutes, turn over halfway through, and voila! One closer.

The Mets are on the move, calling the agent for Billy Wagner to make clear their intentions to sign him to a free agent deal.

It was scary to see that the Mets were interested in guys like Trevor Hoffman (old and brittle) and Tom Gordon (old, brittle, and a former Yankee) instead of going for the gusto. But the Mets, for the second year in a row, are indeed aiming high. Wagner is the elite closer in the market, and would win an additional five games for the Mets by himself.

The article also says that the Mets are monitoring the Rafael Furcal situation very closely. I hate to say this...seeing as if Furcal is a former Brave who has killed the Mets in the past...but Furcal is just what the Mets need. A second baseman (okay, a shortstop who would be willing to switch to second base to play for the Mets...finally a player willing to switch positions to play in Queens and not in the Bronx), and he would also provide the two hole hitter that the Mets need desperately...whether it's himself, or Jose Reyes.

But don't get your hopes up fans...Rafael Furcal isn't coming to Shea Stadium.

Consider that the Cubs will offer things that the Mets can't offer...the position of shortstop, along with a boatload of money that the Cubs are going to offer to anyone and everyone, as they now face the challenge of their first season in 89 where the World Champions play mere blocks away. The Cubs are going to open the bank for everyone and everyone, and you can bet that Furcal will be number one on their hit parade. Whether that's a mistake or not is up for discussion (the 1993 Mets), but that's the situation the Chicago Cubs find themselves in.

But fear not, because the Mets are also looking at the second coming of Bill Buckner: Tony Graffanino, to be a "super utility player".

Wait, the Mets have already signed Graffanino...his name is Chris Woodward.

I guess not everything the Mets do has to make sense. What fun would that be?


metswalkoffs said...

I was thinking that re: Woodward too. I think Graff would replace Miguel Cairo, which wouldn't be an awful move...

Metstradamus said...

I agree with you. I don't want to see Woodward gone.