Saturday, November 12, 2005

There's Something About Manny

First, Manny wanted to come here.

Then, Manny wanted no part of Flushing.

But suddenly, a glimmer of hope: Manny may be interested.

However, Omar isn't going to keep the Volvo parked in front of Fenway waiting for Manny and his luggage.

Because Manny might go to Anaheim anyway...

...or maybe not.

Which all leads to the realization that Manny might have no choice but to stay in Boston anyway.

All right. Does everyone have all of that?

Good. Now can you explain it to me?

Yup, this is what the hot stove is all about. It's also quite exhausting. There's a part of me that wants to drive up to the Wilpons' door and leave a reminder note for a wake up call when Manny has found his destination for 2006.

Or at least wake us when he fires his agent and hires Drew Rosenhaus.

But then again, Manny Ramirez...personality wise, is the Reggie of his time, as goofy as Reggie was brash. And since you can't be brash these days as an athlete without being the subject of an MSNBC investigative report, goofy is the way to go. Sure, Reggie begged for attention while Manny claims to want to shun hit (hence his trade request), but Manny has captured the attention of a baseball nation in the way Reggie did close to 30 years ago. There is a perverse sort of way that we want to know Manny's every move, every minute, of every day...just like Reggie.

And the Mets are in the thick of the discussion, whether you like it or not. So it's time to test the theory that sleep is overrated...because this can keep you up at night.

So ask me if I think Manny's coming to the Mets. You know what my answer will be...

"Next question."


erik love said...

Met$tra, those simulated press conferences are the dumbest things ESPN thought of since they gave that non funny dude from SNL his own show.

Did you see the Chicago Cubs one?

It's just a dumb ass idea....

I'm not sure if i want Manny. That means Floyd has to play right field....

That's some terrible Outfield defense

I'm going to be a J-E-T-S Fan for a day, so lets hope Brooks Ballicker has some skills...

Oh yea, kets hope Ty Law gives a vintage performence against Syeve Smith


Kyle in Newport News said...

Manny has a reputation as a lazy fielder, and yet I always read that the only position he can play well is left field. I thought right field was where you put your laziest fielder?

Metstradamus said...

e-love, the only one I saw was the Red Sox, and they had technical difficulties with it...and I laaaaaaaaaaaughed!

Kyle, It used to be until people realized you needed an arm to play right field.