Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

Ok kids, let's review:

Matt Cerrone of Metsblog and The Hot Stove Report breaks the story that an Americal League playoff outfielder has tested positive for steroids about a week ago.

Then yesterday, it's announced that senators Jim Bunning and John McCain say it's time to introduce leglisation to create a tougher steroid policy for all sports.

Coincidentally, just one day later, MLB announces that they have nabbed former Met Matt Lawton for steroids.

Is it a wonder that nobody trusts Bud Selig?


N.L. gold gloves announced today...and even though Mike Lowell won the award for third base, Tim Kurkjian says on ESPNEWS that you could have made a case for David Wright.

Correct, Tim.

But can you really win a gold glove on the strength of a barehanded catch?


jabair said...

mike lowell sucks ass.... they oughta give DW a gold palm after that play!!! back to the infeild, barehanded... lowell couldnt even hold up DWs jock strap... F him....

erik love said...

Have they seen Mike Lowell cover a bunt lately?

The Marlins wouldn't even give the guy a Gold Glove....

DW probably had to many errors....

jdon said...

they are trying to prove that the gold glove is not just a private perk for .300 hitters like Jeter. They selected a truly awful offensive player and gave it to him. And as for Selig--trust? He is a used car dealer,for heaven's sake!