Monday, November 28, 2005

It's Country Time!

Merry Christmas.

Get ready for Country Time (not to be confused with Lima Time) out of the bullpen this season, as the Mets have signed Billy "Country Time" Wagner for 4 years at $43 million, with an $8 million club option.

For those of you who don't think the country boy can pitch in New York, forget it. His interview with Chris Russo and Mike Francesa, where he basically said "F-Larry Bowa" debunks that theory.

No matter what, Omar has done his job. For the first time in years, Mets fans can't argue with the execution of the general manager because he has brought the pieces into place. Now those pieces might fall apart, but at least they're in place to fall apart. He has the power hitter in Carlos acquisition that I have to admit I feel just a little bit better about with each passing day, and now the elite closer in Country Time.

This makes for a potentially interesting e-mail "from the desk of Omar Minaya":
Dear Metstradamus,

The Mets have signed reliever Billy Wagner today to a four year deal.

Take that, N.L. East bitches!

And that's Omar's biggest victory...because not only are the Mets better, but the Phillies and Marlins are screwed!

I knew deep down there was a reason why a friend of mine (Darth Marc) brought back from Citizens Bank Park for me as a souvenier...a Billy Wagner t-shirt. What this means is that if Billy Wagner breaks his ankle walking down the steps in his new Westchester mansion, or perhaps pitches the year with a severe sinus infection after breathing in large amounts of upstate pollen, I know who to blame.

What's scary is that for most teams, Wagner and Delgado would be enough in terms of big ticket items...where the rest of the acquisitions would be of the cheapo "fill a hole" variety. And although the Mets do need to fill holes, the names that still loom as potential Mets are intriguing:

Ramon Hernandez?

Manny Ramirez?

Barry Zito???

But what a great way to kick off Christmas. It's Country Time.


jabair said...

Darth Marc!! theres a blast from the past!!!

take that!!!

id still take piazza/castro over molina/hernandez....

billy beane is going to want jeff wilpon & lastings milledge in exchange for barry zito... i can part with baby wilpon but keep your grubby little hands off lastings billy!!!

delgado is referring to DW as "Mr. Wright" and to cliff floyd as "Mr. Floyd"...

MikeinSpain said...

Wagner will fit in great in the latin clubhouse and dugout, where he'll no doubt be shootin' the breeze with accomplished english speakers such as Fortunato, Padilla, Moreno, and Hernandez (yes, I know Bert is American and speaks fluent English, but the joke works better if we ignore that).

Wagner is awesome. Still, though, we should've gone for a Spanish-speaking closer. It'd be more...symmetrical.

Mets Beast said...

thank god billy's here... one thing m. damus... yusmeiro petit isnt on the mets anymore!! you gotta change the link to the tides website lol... =]

The Metmaster said...

With Zito poised to go free agent next year, the A's won't be in the driver's seat to ask for the moon this year. They know they will lose him next year and they will want to get something for him this season. I don't see it happening until the trading deadline next summer though when the Angels have a big lead in the West.
Darth Marc looked ill when I saw him this afternoon when the Wagner deal was announced.

Metstradamus said...

meet, I do have some long overdue maintainence on the template.

Anonymous said...

mikeinspain, we can just call gillarmeo wagzner, workz for me. billybart

Darth Marc said...

I haven't gone anywhere,'s just that your wives and girlfriends have been taking up so much of my time....

I wouldn't be surprised to see Zito sign a long-term with the A's just like Beane did with Chavez. He wants to keep some building blocks there and Zito along with Harden are blocks to build around.

Thank the Jays for that signing, Mutt fans. They essentially took the Phillies and the Braves out of the running.

It's a great signing, no doubt about it. Kudos to Omar. Now you have no excuse not to make the playoffs.

Darth Marc said...

And a little revisionist history, Metmaster?

I was on the phone when you came by with your pink shirt practically dancing a jig about the signing. I didn't have time to react except for a thumbs up.

Ill? Please....This is still our town, our empire...until further notice...

Anonymous said...

PLAN A IS A MET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(see title of previous post)

The Metmaster said...

This town is being wrested from your corrosive, knarled fingers back towards the light. Inexorably. I know it, and you know it too. Your slide towards mediocrity hastens. Sleep well my brother.