Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Deciphel?

Never did I think that this was possible...but apparently it's true. And interestingly enough, I have discovered this on NBA's opening night.

There's a Netstradamus.

There was a rumor that a "Cubstradamus" existed on the information highway, but that searched proved fruitless. I got worried. Could there be a carbon copy of me out there? I then panicked and checked for imposters afoot. Bravestradamus? No entries. Philliestradamus? Nothing. Tigerstradamus? Nope. Come on. This blog isn't a McDonald's franchise that's going to pop-up in a city near you. My burgers are fresh.

But then I Googled "Netstradamus". For fun.

Six pages!

And an announcment that was "coming soon".

This is like when the Superfriends discovered Bizarro World...or discovering I had a long lost twin brother seperated at birth who went on to live a life of evil.

Talk about a fun hate list:
  1. Derrick Coleman
  2. Joe Barry Carroll
  3. Benoit Benjamin
  4. Paul Pierce
  5. The tie-dyed uniforms from 1989

What exactly is he going to predict?

Celtics fans will chant more wife-beating remarks at Jason Kidd?

Vince Carter will skip a playoff game to go to his graduate school ceremony?

They'll beat the Knicks 6 times out of 6?

Just a bit of advice there Netstradamus...The "Zoran Planinic Quotebook" probably won't get you as many laughs as you might think.

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