Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Final Test, And The First Test

I laughed as I watched Chris Russo today, as he was talking about how Friday night was the final test for Oliver Perez...apparently he's been predicting Perez's demise all season long, but Ollie would not oblige. Tonight, Russo said, was Oliver's final test.

Grade: A

Russo also said during an earlier show that Joe Smith had to show him even though he hadn't given up a run all season, he still had to show Russo something in the eighth inning, even though the eighth inning wasn't his domain. Unfortunately, Smith gave up a grand slam to J.J. Hardy that day. But on Friday, the Subway Series, Smith came in and struck out Derek "history will show that I got two hits in every single one of my at-bats" Jeter to finish off the eighth inning.

Grade: A

Oliver, after tonight, has earned the benefit of the doubt. From Russo...from me...from everyone. He's earned the right not to have certain bloggers put up snarky "missing posters" with one bad start. He doesn't have to do any more. Of course we don't want him to have another 24 walk night. But if he does, I'm not going to worry because he'll most likely bounce back in the next start. And because with the most chips on the line, he's come up huge. First in Game 7 last season, and now Friday night...both nights with the crowd at its most electric...Oliver has come through with flying colors.

As for Mighty Joe, when you're done wondering why Aaron Heilman wasn't summoned for the eighth inning, take some time to wonder when Joe Smith is going to see more eighth innings. It's going to happen at some point, either when Heilman gets wheeled at the trade deadline, or next season after Smith shows over a full season that he can handle the pressure of a tight spot. Today was his greatest test...D.F.J. at the plate with a one run lead, in a situation where you know Jeter is going to get a hit...only, he didn't. All D.F.J. had was a smirk on his face for the home plate umpire which said "How dare you call that against me? Don't you know I'm Derek Jeter and the women think I'm dreamy?"

Then there's Endy Chavez, his throw from left which nailed Johnny Damon stretching to second for the first out of the game, and his home run which provided the difference against Andy Pettitte. Can we get this guy a breakfast cereal?

Seriously, if we can't get him on the all-star team, I think he deserves his own breakfast cereal. It's the least we can do to show proper appreciation. But can we put marshmallows in it? I love marshmallows.

And were you scared when Hideki Matsui was called safe on what could have been the last out of the game? Not because he was really out (tie does go to the runner), but because plays like that are usually followed by a 600 foot bomb. I was concerned...all right I was shaking in my boots. If these were the Yankees of the late nineties, it would have happened. Now? Not so much.

Game two is Saturday (later today), and I don't have a good feeling. Not because of any inside information or such, but because watching a Met game on FOX feels like watching a Met game on YES. Bad karma. I'll feel better on Sunday...not only because ESPN just feels better than FOX, but because I'm not even going to watch ESPN. I'll instead be at Shea, meaning the most insightful commentary I'll hear is when my brother asks me to buy him another beer...and I'll take that over Joe Morgan any day of the week.


Anonymous said...

dude you rule. your entries are awesome.

Anonymous said...

it's true about watching mets games on fox, and how it feels like the yes network. i watched a rebroadcast of tonight's game on yes, and i was STILL nervous in the ninth.

Anonymous said...

FOX sports blatantly supports the YANKTHESE just like FOX NEWS blatantely supports the REPUBLICANS.

Rupert Murdoch can stick his YANKTHESE and REPUGNANTS where the sun doesn't shine.

I'll take SNY any day.

Toasty Joe said...

Metstra, great recap - not to worry, we were stuck in a bar last night that insisted on showing the YES feed. And guess what, the Mets still won. If we can conquer YES, surely we can conquer the Buck/McCarver juggernaut.

Anonymous said...

Excellent recap.

First and most importantly, Fuck Jeter! I just can't stand him.

I also agree about FOX, they hate the Mets.

Let's go Mets - sweep!

Krup said...


Mike said...

Great post, Metstra. Fantastic write-up of a fantastic game.

Ollie has become a true big game pitcher. Just incredible.

Ed in Westchester said...

I like that Ollie guy. Who'd we get him for again?

Russo is a tool. He needs to learn when to STFU. It is of course his schtick, in the hopes of aggravating Mets fans so they will call.

I'm not nervous about today or tomorrow, except for the opposing pitchers. I hate when we face rookies.

JAMMQ said...

FOX treats the Mets better than ESPN?

Ummm . . . no.

Joe Morgan is a blatant Met hater who was openly rooting for the Cardinals on Opening Night this year.

Groaning like his underwear shrunk on him when Scott Rolen grounded into a rally-ending double play.

I'll take Tim McCarver over Joe Morgan and Jon Miller any day of the week, even if he comes with Joe Buck.

Anonymous said...

hand a game ball to glavine!

Larry Vanover squeezed teh shit out of glavine and at the end of teh 2nd inning, glavine's pitch count was 51.

he ended his day wit 6+IP and a final tally of 101 pitches. talk about efficiency.

Schoenweis should not, under any circumstances, face right handed hitters. not even in a mop up role reserved for "alphabet soup" burgos.

that 3 year deal aint lookin so swell right now.

Ceetar said...

I threw quite a few write-in votes for Endy. going to do some more online now. That would be pretty cool.