Monday, May 14, 2007

Real Men And Their Pink Bats

The most insightful thing I can tell you right now is that if you want to take a cue from the pink bats and armbands that major leaguers were using today, then go to this website and donate some money in the name of the New York Mets towards a cure for breast cancer and help them reach their goal of $25,000.

Or, you can buy a pink bat much like the one Carlos Beltran used to put the icing on today's 9-1 cake, and more proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Otherwise, I'm speechless.

Speechless because Oliver Perez is threatening to make the Xavier Nady trade look not only even, but decidedly in the Mets favor. His 8 and 1/3 inning of shutout ball before Bill Hall's annual Mother's Day Tribute Home Run is going to go a long way towards making believers out of the largest skeptics of Met starting pitching.

(Of course his one hit was to the pitcher, and I think I feel better with Perez giving up the home run to Hall than I would if Perez had pitched a one-hit shutout where the one hit was to the pitcher...just another game that would have tortured my no-hitless soul.)

Speechless because Damion Easley hit another home run, and I'm left wondering what is in this guy's Wheaties...and do they sell it in bulk.

Speechless because Carlos Gomez's debut (two hits, one diving catch, one stolen base), is giving the Mets a future that is starting to match their present.

Speechless because Perez didn't pull a hamstring rounding the bases on Jose Reyes' triple (hey, what's Brian Bannister doing these days?)

Speechless because the Mets have taken two out of three from the team with the best record in the National League...coming just one Mike Pelfrey away from a sweep. Pelfrey, if you hadn't heard, was the New Orleans sacrifice to make room for Gomez, and even though I have been the biggest proponent of keeping Pelfrey up here and letting him work through his problems in the major leagues, I'm at peace with the decision. The major leagues can be used to work through some problems, but not 0-5 with an ERA hovering around seven with a fastball that doesn't move and a slider that is just about as hard on the stomach as the sliders you get from White Castle, but they don't taste nearly as good.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your tireless vision.
1. I have read alot and I am going out on a limb. I think Gomez (at least ) has a shot and TAKING that RF job...ala Carlos Quentin. His diving catch was his loudest hit given the blooper real Shawn has brought to the field. looking back to the NLCS game two, if Green CATCHES Mota's fly (ala Endy) we might be talking WS....This past two weeks...highlighted by Perez's PREVIOUS start, Green has shown a need for better defense. There is a diluted need for a few DH's including in Minn. Given the sparkling debut by Gomez, the need to see Johnson, and Milledge play, and the fact Endy needs at bats.........

2. Sorry to see Mike go down, but I think the timing was good. His last two outings have shown improvement. Plus I think he needs the mental rest plus a latte with a beignet or two.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this, but it was an absolute pleasure watching the game yesterday from my seats in Mezzanine Section 28, right next to the leftfield foul pole. That outfield can get it. Those dudes are super fast.

Anonymous said...

"threatening to make the Nady trade even"??? are you kidding? look what the X man is doing in Pitt this year. a .716 OPS. Omar sold high in that deal and took Pitt to the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

not to mention the 1000yr old FA to be, netted Omar a compensation pick in this years draft.

but with Zach Duke, Gorzlanny, Snell, Pitt could be forgiven for giving up on Ollie who probably would have been non-tendered in the Summer. Still it was a great trade.

Jaap said...

Not sad to see Pelfrey go down. It was getting rather tiresome listening to him and his teammates trying to put a positive spin on one blunderous outing after another and sounding more absurd each week. He isn't ready for the majors just yet, it's clear. Give him more seasoning and let him work it out before his confidence is completely shattered.
And IMHO Gomez is no wunderkind. He's steady and fast but nothing miraculous. You'd have seen Lastings out there instead had he not been on the DL. But basically anyone who isn't using Shawn Green's glove is better in left field...