Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Hamstring Left Behind

Hey, they played a game while you were asleep.

You would have enjoyed it. After a three hour rain delay (yes, the game started at 10:15 PM, officially making it a west coast game) Jorge Sosa continued being phenomenal, giving up one hit in seven innings. Damion Easley hit yet another home run (six home runs in sixty at bats puts him on pace to catch Barry Bonds by the time he's 49 years old), and the Mets won 8-1. (Time of game: 2:36. Time of Rain Delay: 3:07).

All is well? Not quite.

There is the business of Jose Reyes leaving the game in the eighth inning with a "tight hamstring". If you recall, Reyes had hamstring issues in 2004 that were so scary, some thought he would never be a completely healthy player (but really, who is?) So to a Mets fan, "tight hamstring" is to "Jose Reyes" as "jump" is to "off a building".

Hopefully, by the time you read this, Reyes' left hamstring will be as loose as (this joke has been edited by Paris Hilton's lawyers), and he'll be in the lineup for the matinee against Chicago. Keep your fingers, your hamstrings, your rap songs, and your performance enhancing drugs crossed.


Anonymous said...

Just a cramp, I hear. But I hope Willie rests him today.

Anonymous said...

Back in first. Eye on the prize.

Anonymous said...

Send OJ To IRAQ now! He will bring freedom and demcracy!

The Metmaster said...

Hope Pelfrey likes Cajun food. If Sosa continues to pitch like this he will be eating it for a while.
See ya Lastings, it's been good to know ye!