Monday, May 07, 2007

Beware: Falling Rocks

Hey? What's that dropping like a stone? Is it:

David Wright's batting average?

Lino Urdaneta's ERA?

Is it Carlos Beltran's leg strength?

Or is it the streak?

Of course, the answer is a resounding "all of the above", as the Mets dropped their first game in Arizona since it was sponsored by Bank One instead of Chase (lousy bank mergers). Livan Hernandez, who the Mets have hit well in his career, shut the Mets down over seven innings.

To be fair, the Mets had a "B" lineup out there, with Carlos Beltran's "tired legs" giving him a day off, David Newhan starting in left for Endy Chavez, who was in center for Beltran, and Ruben Gotay at second base, this wasn't the Mets best lineup. But David Wright's struggles continued as he took another collar and is now hitting a worrisome .239.

But the good news is that Lino Urdaneta pitched 2/3's of a scoreless inning, giving him an ERA of...well, it just gave him an ERA. Urdaneta had never gotten an out in the major leagues but gave up six runs. So his ERA was quantified with a symbol that I think Prince went by for a few years. But now, he has a career ERA that can be quantified with real numbers. Hooray for Lino. The best part is that his ERA for this zero. The other side of the coin.

The Mets now head to San Francisco for a three game set, and Monday night's pitching matchup is interesting: Ollie Perez vs. none other than Barry Zito, who spurned the Mets to sign with San Francisco, as per his greedy agent's instructions. It will be interesting to see what the wealthy lefty will do against the Mets.

And hey, speaking of greedy Mets enemies, looks like another one makes his return to the evil empire. Let's welcome him back the only way we know how, shall we?

Our signing was a lot cheaper...and Brian Lawrence didn't have to make a huge production out of it.


Toasty Joe said...

Heh, nice photoshop, Metstra. Good work.

Anonymous said...

1. Clemens, especally at 45yrs old and 28Mil is not a blessing. He might help but he is hardly WS guarantee.

2. I am more concerned about our own rumor mill. Thanks Jorge Sosa, now we have 3 healthy arms. Glavine is not himself really and I doubt he gets 15 wins. I think 12-10 is likely. I keep looking at the Harden situation and Mark Buerle as possibles.

3. I still see a Heilman/Lidge swap as remotely possible.

Anonymous said...

harden's shoulder is a skinny rubber band. His middle initials ar eD.L. Hey, who told Dave Newhan that he could hit?

Tommyjoebillyjimbob said...

Absolutely. I've always said that the dodger is a baseball whore. Hmmmm, what could be the reason that a player does better in his forties than he did in his thirties..........mmmmm.....could it be...................................