Saturday, May 26, 2007

You Can't Spell Fundamental Without "Mental"

Does the term "getting away with murder" mean anything to you?

After six innings of the "Orlando Hernandez Revival Tour", we were treated to the Mets version of the "Seventh Inning Kvetch", as three at-bats told a story that belied the actual outcome of the game.

First, it was David Wright failing to run out a foul ball that trickled back if I needed any reminder of Todd Zeile's similar grounder in the Subway Series of 2000. Then, it was Carlos Delgado failing to run hard on a ball off the oversized left field scoreboard, then proceeding to get thrown out at second base. Now Delgado should know, being the slowest man on the face of the earth (besides your friendly neighborhood blogger right here), that he needs to run hard every chance he gets...especially considering the slump he's been in.

Then, after Paul Lo Duca's fourth hit of the night, Shawn Green failing to...well, failing to keep himself upright as major league umpires are continuing to call every flinch of the bat as a strike, as Green was called out while falling on the ground. Now those are three at-bats that usually signal that I should just turn off the television, because no good can come of this game. I'm sure that Willie Randolph wanted to turn off the television as well except that he couldn't because he was there, and watching these guys perform feats of brilliance and stupidity just happens to be his job.

Fortunately for the Mets, the Marlins matched their late inning dreadfulness...for every Carlos Beltran lazy throw to the infield to help along Miguel Olivo to third base, there was a Dan Uggla error. For every Aaron Heilman meltdown to let the tying run score in the bottom of the eighth, there was Carlos Tosca playing the infield back with runners on first and third and nobody out with the score 1-1 in the top of the ninth. The Fish even threw in a bad throw home combined with a wild one hand stab at the ball with Miguel Olivo to bring home the go-ahead run, to put the Mets on track to a 6-2 victory which you can make the argument they really didn't deserve.

What could be the root of all of this craziness?

Of course, it's Petey! No wonder everybody lost their concentration, they were watching Pedro Martinez keep everyone entertained by dancing around and bugging his eyes out. Petey has that effect on people like a dark magical spell. In 2005, Pedro had such a hold on his bullpen that they blew 78 saves for him that season. Heck, I'm surprised the Mets didn't wander around the field muttering "must...kill...the queen..." and pull handguns from under second base.

Although there are two more games to this series so I guess anything can happen.


Tommyjoebillyjimbob said...

Man, did you hit the nail on the proverbial head about this game!!! Sloppy, sloppy. And Pedro. Too much. U R right. Delgado.........ugh.

Anonymous said...

dude, right before heilman threw an inside fast ball to olivo, as lo duca was setting up inside, i knew something bad was gonna happen..

they kept alternating between inside and outside and it had become predictable. im no major league hitter, but i was already sitting red inside.

there were times during this game that i was so pissed off.. i actually wanted teh mets to lose so that it would be a "character building loss"

NOTE TO WILLIE: do not bring in billy if its not a save situation. especially if there is a game scheduled the next day.

wagner threw 32 pitches to wrap up the 9th.

when i was a kid, i recall the best thing to do against teh mets was to let them load the bases. cause they left em loaded time n time again..

in this era, let em get a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs and your ERA shall go down...

what an ugly win..

i hope willie pulls a Larry Bowa just to let em know he isnt happy.

on the SUCKME front.. clippard looks like cy young against the mets but gets lit up tonight..

Coop said...

Hee hee - Damus, you'll appreciate this. Whenever the Mets get bad calls (think this week at the Ted, at the beginning of the season at Shea), I say Enrico Pallazzo is calling the game. Um, strike? Heyy!!! Strike!!!

Anonymous said...

I broke a bone in my foot, Blogger. Also, uppercase "Fish."
I demand a rewrite!

Metstradamus said...


Your name is Shawn.

No rewrite.

P.S. Grow your hair back.

Metstradamus said...

Coop, I can't be sure, but I think Keith Hernandez made an Enrico Pallazo reference the other night.

Mike said...

Anonymous already hit it, but Pedro seems to have fried Willie's brain too: 32 pitches from Wagner in a non-save situation . . . with two more games against a divisional foe??? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

It's growin', it's growin', goddammit! (gonna kill that beltrahhhn...)