Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bored Into Subway Submission

I've had more fun choosing socks than watching this game.

I mean, the Mets offense was so microscopic on Friday night that Chris Cotter could have fit it in the crawl space he was relegated to by the Yankees behind the cameraman in the third base dugout.

Yeah, there was no Carlos Delgado. There was no Xavier Nady. But when Mike Mussina was pulled after four innings because of the rain delay, the Mets...even without Delgado...should have jumped all over Ron Villone. They should have jumped all over Scott Proctor. They should have mauled Kyle Farnsworth and took advantage of his dysfunctional relationship with his catcher.

Instead, they got one lonely hit in front of a mostly bored crowd. (I suppose we owe a round of thanks to Endy Chavez for averting the disaster of the century.)

Fairly disgusting if you ask me. And inexcusable. But fear not...because the Mets have had some recent success against Randy Johnson. And if they can get by him, Jaret Wright awaits on Sunday. This is still a winnable series boys and girls. Let's hope so for my sake and for the sake of this readership.


Anonymous said...

Regarding your poll, I've always hated interleague but moreso because of how uneven it makes an already lopsided schedule. Not just for the Mets' sake, but for anyone. For example, the Cardinals play the Royals six times a year while the Cubs play the White Sox. In years that they don't go Central vs Central, the Cubs don't play the Royals and the Cardinals don't play the White Sox. And this in-division scheduling!

Plus, I mean. Its not like anyone goes crazy over interleague except for a couple of "natural rival" matchups like Mets-Yankees, Cubs-White Sox, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A's, etc.

And the only reason people have looked into the other interleague matchups this year is because of returns. Even that has gotten stale though. Kris Benson returns to Shea. Carlos Delgado (and Woodward) return to Toronto. Pedro Martinez returns to Boston. Tommy Glavine faces his childhood favorite for the first time since 2002. El Duque returns to New York. I noticably didn't see much about El Duque's return to Yankee Stadium, primarily because this angle has been fully played out.

Tommy_Calzone said...

Anyone have Pedro Cerrano's number?

Time to wake up bats!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Calzone - I agree - I was saying the same thing last night. "Hats...for bats."

Metstradamus - I wouldn't have had another hate list. I forwarded it to my dad for a good laugh. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh one more thing - I think that we had to hit rock bottom in order to "wake up bats." Last night I think was that. One hit - we got one g*d d@mn hit! So I think today they're gonna come out cracking. Mark my words. Later

Toasty Joe said...

You said it. I was at last night's game, and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ......

sheadenizen said...

The only thing worse than the Mets bats and blunders is the Mets medical staff. NOW, they figure out the Nady has a fractured wrist....after they send Milledge down? The Mets are notorious for waiting too long to DL anyone and play short because of their incompetence. My gut says that's about to happen again.

Metstradamus said...

You know, Michael Herbst looks a little too much like Ted McGinley for my tastes.

And Cerrano can't hit a curve ;)

I for one think that there can NEVER be too many Pedro Cerrano references. With apologies to fans of "24", Cerrano is still Dennis Haysbert's best performance.