Saturday, July 01, 2006

Out Of The Rut And Into The Groove

A heapin' dose of Randy Johnson always seems to do the trick for the Mets. From Dae Sung Koo to Carlos Beltran to Eli Marrero, all the Mets really need is a Big Onion...guaranteed to make the Yankees cry.

You hear a lot about a team that's under the gun...whether it be the barrel of a four game losing streak, or perhaps being down 0-2 in the playoffs...that gets a big hit in an early inning and all of a sudden exhales. When David Wright lashed a long drive to left field, and it was apparent that Melky Cabrera wasn't going to pull a Coco Crisp, Mets supporters everywhere...along with a few Mets themselves I'm sure...let out a big sigh. Even when the Yankees came back to tie the game off of Steve Trachsel, you knew that:
  • The damage against Steve Trachsel in that third inning could have been a lot worse, and...
  • The Randy Johnson of his last three starts were nowhere to be found.

And thank goodness for that. Because watching Steve Trachsel pitch is always being on the very edge of a tall cliff while being having the tip of your shirt-tails tied to dental floss held by Lara Flynn Boyle. There really should be no chance you'll escape to see another day but more often than not, you do. He gets it done, but I don't know how much more my heart can take of Steve Trachsel.

So that sets up a Sunday night rubber match for all the marbles regarding a little bet with a Yankee blogger. However, I will be off at sea tomorrow and until the eleventh of July. I'll miss you all, but I also miss sand, sun and surf which is why I've got to get out of New York and re-charge my batteries. I will have one last post before I go, and it involves the Hall of Hate, so stay tuned for that. And if y'all are good (and if there's a rainy day that interrupts miniature golf), there just may be a special "Vacation Edition" blog coming your way. So even during my departure, there's always a reason to check back.

Meanwhile, enjoy tomorrow night's rubber game, enjoy your holiday, and enjoy the homestand and Home Run Derby. I will have a All-Star blog coming on July 11th. Until then, please rely on my friends in the sidebar for excellent Mets blogging, stories, and good times...I hope.


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, brother ... and say 'hi' to Mrs. Metstra for me!

Mike V said...

Noooooo.... Don't Go! Who will give me my daily hate list??/


Metstradamus said...

Jabair look up his Yahoo player has splits from 1987.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Jaret Wright Beltran's personal whipping boy?

Anonymous said...

MD - You're right. That IS Joe Hardy out there playing right field for the Mets. Old Joe Hardy is back. My wife is now calling him K-vier Nady.

So even prophets need a vacation huh? Enjoy your trip. By the way, if you're called Metstradamus, is your wife called Metsradame?