Thursday, July 13, 2006


The peasants need sustenance...and Darth Marc is all about feeding the masses...

Anonymous said...
i am truly confused, because you are claiming as a yankees fan that the yanks/mets rivalry is really trivial, yet you are relishing in rubbing it in all our faces? if it is seriously so trivial, what joy do you really get out of this. you are a series of mass contradictions.

Nice to know to those schools in anonymous land are teaching their kiddies how to read. I never said that it was trivial. I said that I enjoy the Subway Series, the rivalry and interleague play on a whole. What I said was that it didn't approach the intensity of Yankees-Red Sox and compared Mets-Yanks to an intense sibling rivalry. You want to kick your brother's ass. But you don't want to kill him, put his head on a spit and jump rope with his intestines. That's what the Yankees and Sox want to do to each other every time they play. See the difference? And while I'll gladly use Metstradamus' site to tweak you guys a bit. I would never make the same bet with a Sox blogger and vice-versa. It cuts way too deep.

The bottom line is this. You guys are the red-headed step-children in this town until further notice. Deal with it.

help-a-rascal said...
first, "spare me?" "please?" these sound suspiciously like someone who has no adequate retort to a winning point. you're losing, and you're the only one who doesn't know it. or maybe you do.....
anyway, to the meat (if you want to call it that) of your text. no, the only way one can appreciate good fortune is not if one has never had any. we just appreciate it a lot more. we've suffered and sacrificed and it's more fulfilling. conversely, that's why you see so many more bandwagon fans in yankee hats. they're the easy team to root for. to "support a winner," as you put it, is infinitely less taxing. your commitment to your team has never been tested to anywhere near the degree that has my commitment to mine.

Losing? I'm posting on your favorite blogger's site!!!! That means that I can be as lame as I want. Say what I want. Take as many insults as you can hurl at me....and I've still won!!!! To the victor goes the spoils.

Here we go with the "it takes more character to root for a losing team than a winning one." analogy. The team you roots for says nothing about the kind of person you are. I know plenty of people who have no moral compass who are loyal Mets fans just like there are die-hard Yankees fans who suffered through the "bad old days" but would sell out their mother to get ahead. Some of the best people I've met have rooted for teams that I hate just as there are some Yankee fans I despise. I've talked about them ad-nauseum on my site in the past.

So if your loyalty to your team is how you measure your really need to stop playing the GI Joes and live a little.

A-Rod said...
I'm not sure I'd revel in someone getting beaned. However, the other evidence does tell the story here. That victory at Shea was the stamp of 40 years of superiority. That cannot be contested. Now if things only turned out different in 2004..........

Credit to Metstra for keeping his word and living up to the wager.

Here, here Alex. Here, here. Now start hitting the damn ball. I'm tired of taking arrows in my back defending your overpaid ass!!!!

arnold layne said...
Mets fans are pretty well aware of the fact that our team has often sucked, and we also know that there have been many great Yankee teams throughout baseball history. We recognize that the Yankees are a better team, most of the time.

It's not the team we have a problem with.

It's guys like you.

Thanks, Arnold. Nice to know that I'm doing my job. Although were the tables reversed, there would be plenty of Mets fans picking the proverbial wings off of Yankee fans backs. So color me unsympathetic to your current standing among sports fans in the world. Some Mets fans have made hating the Yankees a big business. My hatred and disgust for you is free and clear.

Jim in L.A. said...
"...and of course one name that certainly deserves mention: Willie Randolph...the great Yankee that you now depend on to find your greatness. Yes, Joe Torre was once a Met, and both Gooden and Strawberry are two of the most popular players in Met history who wear Yankee championship rings, but no mistake can be made about it...they won their rings in Yankee uniforms."

What is your point here? That Joe Torre being a Met first and then a Yankee means nothing, but Willie Randolph doing the opposite is the key to his greatness? Might want to throw some logic in there, just to mix it up.

Also, Gooden and Strawberry have rings from winning the World Series with the Mets, despite your writing as though they only have them because they were on the Yankees.

And to glorify your rivaly with the Red Sox as meaning something, but then to suggest that the Mets' rivalry with the Braves doesn't mean anything, also defies logic.

We Met fans love the Mets and experience both triumph and tradgedy because we love them.

It's no punishment we wish to have you try to go back in time and fix for us. It aint broke. It's an honor and priviledge that we hold dear.

Yankee fans will never ever be able to do anything at all to tarnish or change that.

But good luck trying.

Let me see if I can defend my friend Batman here...

Casey Stengel didn't become great until he came to the Yankees. The ability was always there. But he didn't put it all together until he came to the Bronx. Same thing with Joe Torre. Say what you want about George. He took a huge risk firing a very popular manager in Buck Showalter and going with a guy who had won nothing of substance in his career. But it's worked out well.

Willie has clearly brought the Yankee way to Queens. In the way that you present yourself to the media and conduct yourself at all times. He's not going to wig out or play mindgames with players like Bobby Valentine and implode like Billy Martin. He's going to run a steady ship. You want to argue about his in-game prowess, that's fair. But this is his second year and he'll get better as the years go by. And as you can see, people skills and player management is as important these days as one's in-game skills.

I'm not the one who belittles your rivalry with the Braves. You do that all by yourselves with your actions. You sell out every Yankee-Mets game. When's the last time you sold out against the Braves or any of your division rivals? You're the ones who elevate us in importance, not the other way around. Sell out a game against the Braves and then talk to me.

I can't speak on the Doc and Darryl thing. It made no sense to me either. Sorry, Bats.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry for using the word "trivial" but i do believe that you were TRIVIALIZING the importance of the matchup. in your own words "I don't hate interleague play like she does, but as much as I enjoy the Subway Series every year, it doesn't come close to the intensity of Yankees-Red Sox for the Yankees fan. Nothing does." sorry for reading into things and actually producing some of my own conclusions about yankees fans tendencies to be a batch of walking contradictions.