Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One Giant Step (Backward) For Met-Kind

Just in case you forgot (and I tried my best to forget), there is an ugly side to Steve Trachsel. And you faithful viewers saw it Monday night.

Yes, it is the latest chapter in the newest mini-series entitled: "To Trade Or Not To Trade". There were many twists and turns in tonight's episode...most of them coming during the wind trajectory of the ball that Aramis Ramirez hit. Reportedly, the Mets are already planning on marking the seat that Aramis hit with a depiction of Trachsel's gas face.

It's part of the yo-yo that is the lives of Mets fans. One day, John Maine and Orlando Hernandez are pitching well, the back end of the rotation looks outstanding, and there's no need to trade for anyone. All of a sudden: Mike Pelfrey hits a snag, Steve Trachsel is giving up three home runs to the second worst home run hitting team in the National League (a team that not only is without Derrek Lee, but plays in Wrigley Field for Pete Schourek's sake), and Omar Minaya is currently driving up to Saranac Lake negotiating for the rights to exhume Christy Mathewson's remains.

Don't worry Omar, Barry Zito didn't look so hot Monday either. So his price isn't exactly going to rise at the rate of gasoline.


He may be slightly controversial, but Keith Hernandez reminded us all why we still love him. When looking at the list of active leaders in victories, Hernandez asked the philosophical question about one Roger Clemens that we all must ponder:
    "Is Clemens considered active when he doesn't make a road trip?"
    Another game winning RBI for Mex.


    Speaking of philosophical questions, is it a coincidence that the New York Lottery has dusted off the commercial where the manager is at a news conference being asked about his error prone, .027 hitting third baseman who bought the team...just at the time where the sport of A-Rod Bashing has reached a fever pitch?


    I had a conversation a couple of days ago with a buddy of mine...he's a huge Mike Piazza fan, but he said to me that the team is better off with Paul Lo Duca. I agreed, noting that Piazza would have given the Mets too many middle to bottom of the order hitters, and not enough top of the lineup guys. I also had said to him in the past that Lo Duca is more of a fiery leader than Piazza was.

    I mention this because the guys at Faith and Fear have each delivered an inspired analysis of why we'll always love Mike Piazza, but The Undertaker is the right man at the right time.

    As always, gentlemen, could not have said it better.


    Anonymous said...

    Ooh... gas-face. Is that a KMD reference?

    Metstradamus said...

    No, it's a Willie Parker reference.

    Metstradamus said...

    But since you don't know who Willie Parker is, then sure...it can be a KMD reference.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, who is the "'Damus" around here anyway. Just like I said last time: Steve = 2 outs nobody on 3 runs. Sure I can picture him tossing a playoff game. Hahahahahahaha. In San Diego maybe. For the Padres. Guy has a 5 ERA.

    Luis said...

    Just because LoDuca is hitting 2nd doesnt make him a top of the order hitter, any more than Willie's batting Wright 7th early last year made him a bottom of the order hitter-To me Piazza/LoDuca is a wash-but if Piazza were here, then Beltran could hit 2nd, or Piazza could hit 6th/7th-a line up wi Floyd?piazza at the 6/7 slots is not too bad

    Toasty Joe said...

    No comment on Heath Bell's magical performance, which essentially cost us the game?

    By the way, I nearly posted a picture of Ramirez's ball in outer space this morning, but luckily I checked here first this time. Metsra and I have some sort of weird mind-meld thing going on this week.

    beezermess said...

    but I know Willie Parker and that was not right....

    Your a puta-bitch....LOL

    Piazza and Lo Duca are not a wash...You know and I know that if the Mets ever considered bringing him back, it would have been at an incentive-loaded contract...he is having a decent season with the Pods...but Lo Duca is in charge of the staff that has the Mets with the best record in the NL...

    Lo Duca wins toss up....

    Anonymous said...

    The person reading the houly newsbulletins on Air America Radio today is named Mike Piazza..

    Surely this is some bizarre sign, but of what i couldn't say.

    Anonymous said...

    i was disappointed to learn that heath bell had allowed 7 of 8 inherited runers to score this season. I was totally convinced that his ratio was 100%