Thursday, July 13, 2006

But Before I Go.....

Someone explain this garbage to me?

help-a-rascal said...
do a lot of mets' fans hate the yankees (and maybe even more so, yankee fans)? yes, of course. and for you, the yankee fan, there must be great pride in knowing that. when the whole world hates you, it must be because you're so good. historically, no one can argue with the track record. so, good for you. sit proudly upon thy throne.

i wouldn't trade places with you in an eternity's worth of yankees' world championships.

there are those in this world that like the security of a sure thing, or that which comes closest to it. it's usually not too risky, and more often than not, you get to go away happy. also, there's the added fun of bludgeoning everyone else with past glories, which help augment one's artificial sense of superiority. this is your world, and you're welcome to it.

for others, the thrill is the emotional investment in something less predictable. a team like the mets, red sox, cubs, etc. will let one down in the most heart-rending ways. often, the pain involved with enduring this disappointment is excruciating, and it is all but guaranteed to come. but when our guys win, the high of victory is sweetened that much more by the knowledge that we persevered, the true believers, together, through the agonies of horrific failure (many times against our most hated rivals) to reach this most cherished triumph.

it is a joy that, sadly, a yankee fan will never know.

your team is expected to win. when they do, so what? it's at least somewhat anti-climactic. when they don't, you bitterly revert to your mantra of listing past accomplishments, as if doing so diminishes our joy one iota or eases the sting of your own failure.

what a bland, melancholy toil it must be. i feel fortunate not to be you. i'm sure i'm not alone.

This is the equivalent of saying that I would rather be one of these folks that get a home from Habitat From Humanity than Donald Trump.

Why would I want to occasionally be good when I can regularly be great? Is this is how you justify being a Mets fan? That when your team is bad four years in a row, they make it all better when they're competitive on the fifth year?

That's like saying that it's ok for a father to only come home once in a while instead of every day. Or a husband to only beat his wife once a week instead of...never.

Yankee fans are spoiled to be sure. But there is nothing wrong with demanding excellence from the teams you root for. You're spending your hard earn dollars to support them so you have every right to expect your money's worth.

Does that mean that it's ok for Yankee fans to boo A-Rod or other members of the team who might be struggling at the moment? No. But there's nothing wrong with being upset with their performance and expressing it in a civilized way.

You can rationalize why you root for your team however you want. But when your team wins 26 championships then you talk about how it feels to be a Yankee fan.

Until then, you and your ilk haven't a clue on what it's like to support a winner.


Anonymous said...

maybe you're right, because people who live in trump tower have any idea of the sense of pride and gratitude that people who get a H.F.H home feel. a child who has his father around every day surely doesn't EVER take him for granted.

you made my point about yankee fans almost as well as i did. so, thanks, i guess.

p.s. you have, unless you are 100 years old, probably only enjoyed five or six championships. stop trying to claim the other 20 or 21.

Darth Marc said...

Spare me....

You mean the only way you can appreciate good fortune is if you've never had any? Please.

I appreciate my good fortune whenever I go to Shea and watch you guys suffer....I say, "There but the grace of Ruth....go I....."

Anonymous said...


Im sorry, but your just a loser. It'S ironic that team you support wins though.

Anonymous said...

first, "spare me?" "please?" these sound suspiciously like someone who has no adequate retort to a winning point. you're losing, and you're the only one who doesn't know it. or maybe you do.....
anyway, to the meat (if you want to call it that) of your text. no, the only way one can appreciate good fortune is not if one has never had any. we just appreciate it a lot more. we've suffered and sacrificed and it's more fulfilling. conversely, that's why you see so many more bandwagon fans in yankee hats. they're the easy team to root for. to "support a winner," as you put it, is infinitely less taxing. your commitment to your team has never been tested to anywhere near the degree that has my commitment to mine.

also, since you're so enamored of analogies, your "there but for the grace of ruth..." comment is akin to my claiming a plot of land in county roscommon because my great-great-great-great grandfather tilled his soil there once.

Anonymous said...


I worship you. The pictures took me back to the dark side.....back to a place I've been missing since Aaron Boone. I actually think you showed a lot of restraint having access to this website as a winner of the bet. Your reputation of evil lives on. I find your abundance of faith....rewarding! When is your next blog on this site? Is Metstra going to wager on making the playoffs (don't take that bet)?

Anonymous said...

i am truly confused, because you are claiming as a yankees fan that the yanks/mets rivalry is really trivial, yet you are relishing in rubbing it in all our faces? if it is seriously so trivial, what joy do you really get out of this. you are a series of mass contradictions.

Anonymous said...

You're really fat to go along with all your obnoxious self-satisfaction, right?

Anonymous said...

This is all well and good. I am happy for you and your 26 championships. Even the six your were alive for and the four you were actually a fan for. I really am happy. But there is no time like the present. And time is going to tell how the future is going to turn out. With all the young talent the Yanks have, I am sure you have nothing to worry about. I mean between Cano and Melky "Mantle" Cabrera, you are set for the next decade. We poor Mets fans have to live with Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Milledge & Pelfrey.

PS: Your favorite team last won a WS in 2000 against our Mets. You are well on your way to becoming the Brave of the American League East. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Are you really making analogies involving domestic violence and Mets fandom? Are you serious here?