Thursday, April 01, 2010

Real World/Reyes Rules

Jose Reyes has so many cameras on him while playing on minor league fields and doing wind sprints that he had remarked that he thought he was on the "Jose Reyes Reality Show".

Finally, somebody breaks the Jose Reyes rehab down into it's simplest terms, and it's Jose himself. And all I can say his thank goodness that he's going to come back on or around April 11th instead of say, June 1. I know I can't take another episode of "Real World/Reyes Rules" on SNY. I mean, I turn on the damn station to see baseball, and instead I get this:

At least most of the "Real World/Reyes Rules" actually takes place on a baseball field, where none of these reality stars would even be near ...


Coming up after Beer Money, it's Road Rules/Murphy's Law.

1 comment:

thomas said...

Seriously are these pictures i've seen of Reyes and wright faked? i just mean the clothing part, or have they auditioned for Miami Vice or Knight Rider or something?