Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lot Is Empty

Hey, what's missing from this picture?

Oh yeah, Mike Pelfrey.

Last season he had an outing so bad he felt he needed to go Grete Waitz around the Coors Field parking lot. Today, all he needed was a victory lap after going seven shutout innings giving up five hits and walking ... none. Mike Pelfrey is now 2-0, and I fear he's going to have to go undefeated to give the Mets a chance at the playoffs. He's off to a fine, fine start. Victory laps for everyone.

And outside of Luis Castillo stealing second base while Jose Reyes was retreating to the same base (fundamental much, guys?), there was really not much to complain about. I could wax poetic on how 5-0 could have easily been 10-0, but I'm not a poet, and I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. 5-0 is mighty nice. And 3-6 is much better than 2-7, so I'll save my complaints for another day. Can't waste them all in April, right? Besides, Oliver Perez faces Albert Pujols tomorrow. I have a feeling the complaint box will be full.


850 said...

Metstra - your prediction of Mike Pelfrey having a good year may be right. What will happen if you are right about things? Will the Earth stop spinning on its axis? I'm worried. But happy with Big Pelf!

thomas said...

well mister positive is going to complain about one thing, it's more a carryover complaint from the day before, but i can't help it, seeing this shit just irks me, even when we win....

KRod pitches the ninth in a 5-0 game?!?

Yeah i realize that they said they need him to get his innings even if that means pitching in non-save situations, and with this i agree, but when i have to see him pitch the ninth in a 5-0 game so he can get his work, when he was needed in the tenth of a tie game the night before and the hapless Manuel went with a 20 year old rookie with very little experience who promptly lost the game instead...well like i said, happy for the win, but this irks me, win or no win.

It's one of those situations, where you want them to win inspite of the stupidity of Management, but realize that if they do, you'll never get rid of the stupid management.

ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I hate that!