Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I ... Hate ... Everything About You

I knew it was a bad sign when Brian Bannister, who was a Met many moons ago, turned in a dazzling start for the Royals today while the Mets have been struggling to find starters who could give any sort of consistant effort. If John Maine had turned in an acceptable effort, there would have been no need to invoke Bannister's name (or image).

Instead, Maine gives up eight runs in three innings en route (or is that rout) to an 11-3 loss in Denver ... and I start to long for pitchers from a bygone era.

After the game, Maine said that he "hates everything about himself." (And you thought it was just the fans who are self-loathing.) Forget his starting spot being in jeopardy, Maine sounds like somebody that could use a lesson in how to love himself again ... in the minor leagues.

Bobby Jones did it.

Steve Trachsel did it.

Both came out of it for the better. If Maine's delivery is in fact all over the place, then he needs to go somewhere and figure it out. A little scary since he recently came off a period of time that was invented for "figuring it out" (you know this as "spring training"). But in this, the most important April road trip in the history of April road trips, the Mets can't afford to let him figure it out against the Rockies, Albert Pujols, Howard and Utley, or the '79 Pirates.

Maine is going so bad that not only did Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez take calls from fans during the game who are wondering if the team needs to see a sports psychologist, but Keith is telling the masses "not to think too much", while using words like "primordial" which causes the fans to think too much about what that word actually means. When you come up with a performance which causes Keith to contradict himself in the same sentence, then it's time for some minor league rehab of the mental variety.

(And maybe Luis Castillo could use some mental health time too after going nuclear in the dugout after being nailed trying to stretch a single to a double in the sixth ... I mean, seriously now. Talk all you want about the fans losing their minds in the second week of the season but for Greg Smith's sake you have John Maine who hates himself, and Castillo who is throwing tantrums and it's April 13th! Who, exactly, are the crazy ones here?)


Demitri said...

Insert the obligatory Nelson Figueroa comment here.

FeceMcGee said...

My frustration with the Mets is bigger than baseball.. it's about enjoyment of life for crying out loud. I look at Yankee fans, Philly fans... and, obnoxiousness aside, they are happy people. They get to watch good, exciting, fundamentally sound baseball. They get to go to work with extra pep in their step. I wake up and I'm freakin angry already. I don't wanna gloat in anyone's face, I don't wanna trash talk.. shoot I don't even need to win a championship. I just want to watch my favorite team playing my favorite sport and I want to be able to freakin enjoy it for once. Damn it! And we're wasting these great broadcasters (both SNY guys and the WFAN guys) who are bored to death covering these games.

And yesterday, Yankee fans were treated to a ring ceremony where they gave Hideki Matsui a warm ovation. Their fans have countless feel good stories going on while we have nothing. I mean seriously, what do we have?? DAMN IIIIIIITTTT

thomas said...

Brian Bannister for Ambiriox Burgos, one of the more recent bonehead Mets moves.

In the past three-fiur years we have struggled for quality starters and depth. Because we traded them for mediocre ot nothing relievers which we needed because we traded our own young relievers, who mostly turned out better for...well, i don't even remember what?

850 said...

Putting aside Maine's pitching ugliness for a second ... I can't watch Tatis out there at first anymore. All 6 runs in the 3rd could have/should have been prevented if he could field a hard ground ball hit right at him. Or reach out the slightest bit for Maine's heave on the comebacker. It's one thing to have Carlos Delgado not make plays major league first basemen should make when he was hitting 30 homers and driving in 100. It's one thing for Daniel Murphy to not make plays when at least there's some upside with him. Tatis can't hit, can't field, had a lousy spring, is past the point of being a viable major leaguer. Ike Davis is in AAA. Chris Carter is in AAA. Tatis is not only on the major league roster, but getting big playing time. It's a joke.

Why isn't Pagan the everyday centerfielder?

Trash Man said...

Oliver Perez. That's John Maine's problem. Oliver has infected John Maine with the same problems he has. Pelfrey has it too. So does Sean Green. I think they all got it originally from Aaron Heilman. It's very contagious. As a matter of fact ANY Mets fan can catch it watching a player performing who has it. The symptoms are total frustration and wanting to throw things at the TV, finally giving up in disgust and turning it off. And as much as each player hates themselves, it's only a fraction of how much Mets fans hate them.

Unless and until this infection is removed it's hard for Mets fans to feel relief. Even if they win several games in a row (is it possible?), you know that soon Oliver Perez, (or someone else infected) will be pitching again and happy days will be over.

I think I'll try drinking heavily and see if that works.

Dan said...

Listening to Steve Somers post-game has officially become the best thing -- sorry, the only good thing -- about being a frustrated, die-hard, pain-stricken Mets fan.

FeceMcGee said...

Dan, I agree whole heartedly with you about the Schmoozer... if it weren't for him, I don't think I would've made it this far

James Allen said...

Did it really take only nine freaking days for this team to become a pathetic joke? I know we all knew this was coming, but it still came so damn quick.

Hold onto your hats, folks, we have 154 more of these to go. Lord have mercy on their souls

King Metropolitan said...

I refuse to accept that it's over this quickly. I need to waste a good chunk of my summer rooting for this team before the death march occurs.