Friday, April 09, 2010

The More Things Change ...

A fresh new injury.

Not one but two updates on Jose Reyes.

The Mets batting average with runners in scoring position.

All present and accounted for in the SNY Mets Post Game Report sponsored by whoever the heck is sponsoring that show these days (KFC? Arpielle Equipment? Slap Chop?), and Geico Sports Night following the Mets 3-1 loss to the Marlins. It's eerie how we all want to move on from 2009, yet it wafts over you like the stench of rancid meat.

Surely after two games where a Mets offense that has the ability to make Nate Robertson look like a superstar could only muster 13 hits in 18 innings and scored seven runs mainly on the strength of the other team's weakness, Snoop Manuel, Gangsta, would have a plan for his hitters to become more productive. Maybe a change in the batting order. Maybe some extra hitting. Maybe a barbecue at Howard Johnson's house. No ...
"We need a couple guys hot at the same time." -Jerry Manuel
That's it? That's the grand plan? Hope? Pray? Plead to a higher power? I thought that was our job as fans. But no, that's the manager's grand plan. One day, that plan will work. And yeah, I know the manager can lead a horse to the plate but can't make him hit. But the problem is that Omar Minaya already passed the buck to him when at the onset of free agency, he basically said that it was up to the coaches to make the players that are already on the roster better (translated: I have no money or prayer to get anyone so you're on your own). And now, the manager's way of "making the players better" is crossing his fingers and toes and wishing upon the one star he could see through the pollution. There's nobody left to pass the buck to.

But that was nothing compared to this post game gem regarding the bottom of the lineup:
"They're not power guys but they can hit the ball out of the ballpark."
What? I don't know what that even means!!! Who exactly did he just describe ... Rod Barajas? Luis Castillo?

Al Pedrique?

Oh well. At least Jon Niese came up with a quality start, so maybe Snoop will stop being concerned about the rotation for two or three hours before the next one takes the mound. You know ... the one that isn't a hard thrower but can throw the ball hard.


thomas said...

i tell ya a few of my thoughts here.....

A) if you keep taking the bat outta wright and Bays hands in critical situations, David Wright's comments aside (which made little to no sense in my opinion), it doesn't matter who's hot or not.

B) I still don't understand why Castillo is batting second, not even when Reyes returns. He's a singles hitter with a good OBP and sufficient speed, Let him lead off, let Pagan and Reyes who actually have a shot at driving in a run bat second.

C) I can't fathom any reason to have Mike Jacobs, batting cleanup!!! enough said on that subject.

D) I am still confounded by the fact that they started the clocks on Mejia, to come in outta the pen, in "non-pressure" situations, which of course hasn't yet been the case...and TEjada to spend a week here on the bench and get maybe one or two starts.

hmmmmm....anything else? I'm sure there is....oh yeah....The term quality start simply annoys me. i'll take it, but why isn't baseball more honest? it's an average start, which given an average offense, should give your team a chance to win, But really there isn't a lot quality about 4.50 ERA. Other than the fact that it may be the best we can hope for from three fourths of our rotation.


thomas said...

Oh yeah...On the well would ya look at that side of things, Figgy made his first appearance as a philly yesterday and got the loss....SO as sad as it is to find your pleasure in anothers failure...there's something to be excited about.


Brian said...

Holy sheet! An old-school Transformers picture! Love it!