Thursday, April 08, 2010

There's A Lot Of Money In It

David Wright is not only a world class baseball player, but he's also a savvy businessman. He's making crazy money off of his Vitamin Water endorsement deal after negotiating a percentage rather than a flat fee. David Wright is smart.

Michael Sorrentino is a former "exotic dancer" with a sensitive side. I suppose that takes a talent which was too tempting for MTV to pass up when casting Jersey Shore. I don't know what else he's known for besides throwing a first pitch at a Mets game in Port St. Lucie.

Wright and Sorrentino have now come together to convince you to try to ingest healthier fluids.

Coming soon: The viral video in which Snooki teaches Fernando Tatis proper base running techniques.


FeceMcGee said...

Craig Carton was in on it too huh? That was pretty good beside the fact that David likes to tongue bottles

King Metropolitan said...

I wish I could hit The Situation with a bat.

theBrooklynTrolleyBlogger said...

All that Water musta went to his head then. What was he thinking taking off for second base and taking the bat out of Bay's hands Wednesday night? Manuel is clearly dippin in the sauce too.

Charity said...

I am sorry but I freaking love that commercial. Granted I"m probably the age and demographic they're aiming for but its hilarious.

Charity said...

I freaking love that commercial. I know its probably aimed for my demographic but I find it hilarious and can't stop laughing lol