Monday, September 08, 2008

Win One, Lose Two

Great. Carlos Delgado hits two mammoth home runs, Johan Santana keeps the Mets in first place after Pedro gets knocked around in the opener (by the way, Greg Dobbs is really starting to piss me off), and what little fun I enjoy is ruined with the news that Billy Wagner is out for the season. Fasten your seat belts, indeed.

Help us Obi Wan Ayala. You're our only hope.


Chuckles said...


I’m a little disappointed in you. The Mets win a huge game last night, arguably their most important victory since Game 6 of the '06 NLCS, to salvage a very important series. Santana and Delgado earn permanent admission to the Mets Diamond Club because of their performances. And you choose to dwell on Wagner’s arm troubles.

You didn’t really think winning the World Series was going to be trouble-free did you?
Overcoming long odds is what makes being a sports fan fun.

We (better yet, the Mets) can do it!

upstate met fan said...

Another Classic.. Obi Wan Ayala!
The fact that we've been wining without Billy makes me feel confortable. Losing Wags should NOT be an excuse to go far into October.
btw...Phillie fans reminded me of Newman from Seinfeld.. even worst Everybody Loves Raymond's cousin "Gerard"... I just wanted to slap the shit out of them last night.

Coop said...

Yeah 'Damus - I think Greg Dobbs is the new Pat Burrell - sucks against everyone else, kills the Mets.

tim said...

So why is Dobbs missing from your hate list?

Unser said...

I'd feel a heck of a lot worse if we didn't have Stokes pitching so well. I think he's the key. They should start using him as the 8th inning guy, and possibly 9th inning if Ayala falters. Also, when Maine gets back, he may be an option especially if . . . forget it, I can't even say it.

Delgado . . . money.

Grosvenor said...

You didn't expect him to really be comming back now did you?Along with Alou and El Pugie,and even Castro,havn't you learned yet being a fan of this team,nothing comes easy.

katherine said...

I think the team might have had success in the past month BECAUSE of losing Billy, not despite it. Like the Giants losing Shockey last year.

Possibly the rest of the team tries harder when they know Wagner is not there to pitch the last inning. Though why any of them would have had a false sense of security about his ability to close games, I do not know.

Markuse said...

Obi Wan Ayala, wonderful Metstra!

I went to bed last night after the day game (for you) since the nightcap started at 2.05 a.m. my time. Luckily I was able to see the most important parts of it today at lunchtime, even though Sky Italy commentators were really bad, unfortunately here the Sunday Night ESPN game is broadcasted there...

I think I've been just missed from Delgado's second home run last night; the ball must have landed on this side of the Pond

v belts said...

In Johan Santana’s masterful 4-0 shutout for the Mets on Sunday, he threw 113 pitches against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The only surprise was that a full 28 of them were called balls. Santana struck out seven Pirates and walked none to raise his record to 11-7, tied with Mike Pelfrey for the most victories on the staff. He allowed only three hits, one an infield single. The Mets have won six consecutive games and 9 of their last 11.

After a ragged adjustment to the National League, Santana is now displaying the consistent form that earned him two Cy Young Awards in the American League with Minnesota. It was his second complete game of the season and his first shutout.