Monday, September 15, 2008

Here We Go Again

So I recorded Sunday's Mets game on my Digital Video Recorder ... and when I got home, I couldn't help but fast forward to the end. You wouldn't believe what I saw:

I don't know if I recorded the Mets game or "Toonces the Driving Bullpen".

But on the bright side, I set a new Guinness World Record for most times kicked in the pedoingas in a 24 hour span. First it was Luis Ayala, then it was Ned Yost, then Jay Feely wound up and swung from close range ...

He missed.

But Matt Cassel finished the job, then Ned Yost came back for seconds. Thankfully, I was wearing my super protective gear or else it would have been a really long day.

Wait, is that the Mets bus I see leaving for Washington?


Timothy said...

That toonces reference was priceless.
As the Mets drive to the edge of the cliff - I hope they steer us back on to the road to October at the last second.

chuckles said...

This morning Mets fans awoke to news that the Phillies had indeed won again last night, beating the Brewers for what feels like the twelfth straight time and trimming the Mets once-somewhat-comfortable division lead to a single game. Memories of last year’s unhappy finish are fresh in our mind. The idea that the Phillies will once again pass us in the standings in the season’s final weeks and finish on top makes your blood boil.

Although mere words seem inadequate to describe exactly how it felt yesterday afternoon, I offer the following as a summing up: I was there. I believe I came around to speaking again around 5:30p.

Obviously the Mets and us ain’t looking so good this morning. It was a rough weekend. The Braves have been formidable foes all year. Yesterday, Luis Ayala joined Scott Schoenweis, Pedro Feliciano, and Aaron Heilman as the most recent in a succession of Mets relievers who has traded in his cape for a set of goat horns.

But before you dig up that rock you spent most of last winter hiding under realize one thing: Ever since Jerry Manuel has taken over as manager what seem like the most devastating losses have propelled the Mets on lengthy streaks of good baseball.

The Phillies are still looking up at us in the standings. The Mets have earned a right to call themselves a first-place team. That ain’t gonna change. We’re not giving this division up again. No way! Yes, it’s a race, but we knew all season that wrestling the division title away from the Phillies was going to take everything our team has. This year is it’s going to end differently, with the Mets on top, because of the lessons learned last year, as Jerry Manuel has said. It may not always be pretty (in fact most times it won’t be pretty) but the Mets are going to get the job done!

weesle909 said...

So I guess the pen just ruined Ollie's 5th BMW..

But I wouldn't worry about the Mets. This is just what they needed.

Every time they have a 'devastating loss', they come back on a tear. I'm convinced there are no devastating losses for this team - just gut-wrenching ones. Of course, we all can see how this is gonna end. Eventually they'll come to a must-win game, from which they cannot recover.

The real tragedy today is that it's September 15th, I live in CT, and I STILL USED MY EFFING A/C YESTERDAY!

I HATE hot September days...

Unser said...

So what do you do if you're Jerry? Go back to Ayala in the 9th? Try Heilman again? Let the starter go until he coughs it up?

This is all on the bullpen - forget about the BS re: last year's choke, past demons, tack on runs etc. We need a pitcher or pitchers to get the last 6 outs in the game. Our guys can't even get the bottom 3 of the Atlanta order in the the 9th . . .

What's the solution? No Wagner, no Maine, and every single pitcher in that pen except for Joe Smith is currently a crap shoot. I really have no idea what I would do if I were Jerry. I'll say this - if they pull it off, Jerry gets manager of the year, hands down.

Demitri said...

I'm shocked that people can be so optimistic. I'm ready to go into a dark room and sulk.

If they end up losing, they can look back to any of these blown games and think, if we had just held on once here or once there, everything would have been different.

katherine said...

I am siding with Demitri. I think it's looking more "Calvary" and less "Cavalry" right now.

Anonymous said...

who was driving the "Mets Bus"?
Omar the General Disaster?

upstate met fan said...

I'm just happy Ned Yost got the ax from the Brewers... I'm also resigned to the fact that we will blow this chance also.. on the bright side.. Niese looks good for next years rotation. I wonder how good Parnell is..