Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Samson Green Curse

Jose Reyes valued his head of hair so much that he was the last holdout to shave his head. But it's Shawn Green who's the one who's proving to be the Samson of the team.

Since Green shaved his head as part of what the NFL would call "OTA's" (organized team activities), Green has not only seen his average drop from .356 to .314, and let a ball drop in front of him which basically prevented a sweep of the Yankees (despite being more aerodynamic), but now he has a broken bone in his foot and is out indefinitely (the word "indefinitely" never sounds always translates to me as "until the end of time).

Just as fielders used to leave their mitts on the field for the opponents in the late 1800's, Green must have left his curse on the field for tonight's starting right Carlos Gomez's hamstring felt the power of the curse as he strained his hamstring in the second inning. Keep in mind that Gomez also shaved his head.

Endy Chavez then moved from left field to right field, prompting fears that the curse would claim poor innocent Endy. Aah, but Endy's head was already freshly shaved before the season started (and before the OTA), so he had three hits and a diving catch in right field on Saturday night. So Endy, despite the wolf being at the doorstep, avoids the Samson curse for another evening.

Another previously shaved head came back to life tonight, as Carlos Delgado's two home runs and five RBI's gave the Mets a 7-2 victory. Combine that with what's happening in Atlanta, as the Braves have dropped two straight to the Phillies, Bobby Cox has been ejected for the 4,841st time, and the Mets have quickly gained two games in the division. Combine all that with the return of John Maine to the win column. He still walked four guys...and he still got himself into trouble at spots...but unlike his last start against the Yanks, he got out of trouble which has been his trademark throughout the season.

The departures of Gomez and Green pretty much means that the Mets outfield is going to consist of Chavez, Carlos Beltran, and...and...


David Newhan?

Ben Johnson?

It's gonna seem like a long wait until Moises Alou returns, which should be this week. After that, hope Alou gets healthy. Because indefinitely is a long time.


You might have seen the portion of Saturday night's game where Keith Hernandez was banging poor Gary Cohen's head with those thundersticks. But Friday's game scared me a bit. He was eyeballing the girls in the pool just above the right field bullpen saying "hey, if they had pools by the pool while I was playing, I would have wanted to be a reliever instead of an everyday player." And then the camera got a shot of all those girls by the pool that he was all jealous of...

and they're all like, twelve!

Either Keith is going insane, or his production crew is making him out to a pedophile. Either way, I'll never hear those words "I'm Keith Hernandez" quite the same way again.


Anonymous said...

btw, the book is out on david wright...

get ahead in the count and throw sliders on the outside corner.

teams have clauses in their contracts that prevent players from doing certain things such as riding motorcycles ( KENT Vs. SF GIANTS)

the mets need to have a clause that prevents players on their rosters from taking part in teh homerun derby.

Mike said...

Keith is like Zeus: neither age nor anything matters to him. Females are his for the taking.

Being The Eternal Captain gives you some perks.

(Just lock up yer' daughters when the Mets come into town._

Unser said...

Funny stuff.

Ben Johnson is probably the ticket. Hope Green isn't out than long - I'm reading it could either be a couple of days or a month. Yikes. We've suddenly become a team that has trouble hitting righties.

Keith is starting to remind me of Phil Rizzuto, with his "hope this game ends soon because I've got a long drive ahead of me" comments. It won't be long before Keith starts talking about the lasagna and cannolis he had for dinner.

Anonymous said...

do not be surprised if one of these days kieth says something inappropriate and sexist and gets let go.

something like last years comments in san diego

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

Anyone else read Newsday? Headline:

They're putting 'out' in outfield; Green headed to DL?

They're doing what in the outfield?

"I was lucky then," Green said. "Maybe I'll be lucky again."