Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Molina Sauced

Think of the most disgusting thing you've ever seen.

All right...now think about it again.

You have Monday night's Met game.

A 9-4 loss, where only three of the Giant runs were earned, was not exactly the way to show Barry Zito that he made the wrong decision in signing with the Giants instead of the Mets. No, instead Zito laughs at the Mets, and rightly so after his own fifth inning two out base hit, ugly errors by Damion Easley and Shawn Green (boys and girls if you haven't seen those errors, trust me they were ugly...like your brother after a bender...all right, like my brother after a bender) paved the way for a Rich Aurilia home run, and a second Bengie Molina home run...not in the game, in the inning, off of Lino Urdaneta who had just taken over for a flustered Oliver Perez.

Now don't get me wrong, Easley and Green deserve to sleep in their swanky San Francisco hotel rooms while hanging from their ankles after those awful plays. And it's a lot to ask Perez to be focused after not only those plays, but the earlier Bengie Molina home run, which may or may not have actually gone out, but it was so close to the fan in the front row, and I'm not as convinced as Gary Cohen that it didn't touch him, so I'm not going to get on the umpires for that one. But Ollie pulled an El Sid, as in Sid Fernandez, after that Green error. I've explained a typical Sid Fernandez game before, which is five innings of one hit, ten strikeout baseball...but a walk and an error in the sixth would cause him to lose his concentration and give up a bomb.

That is Oliver Perez. When he's on, he's on. But he has to stay out of trouble. Because if Oliver Perez gets in a jam, then run for cover because the roof is caving in and you need to be under a table or a hard surface. It's hard to really throw a lot of blame his way, because Easley and Green really let him down. But Perez has to toughen up a hair and bail out his teammates, because unfortunately, this isn't the last time a Met is going to make an error...so the situation is going to come up once again. And Perez can't afford to have the ghost of Sid haunt him too many more times. If Perez gets Aurilia out at 3-1 down, it's still a winnable ball game. Instead, the fifth inning ended at 9-1, and I was strongly considering watching a Superman special on the History channel instead of torturing myself at the prospect of watching four innings of meaningless baseball.

I...of course...chose self-torture.

(And by the way, if I never see another Molina brother catching again, it'll be too damn soon. Unfortunately, there's actually a fourth Molina brother catching in the major leagues. And Gustavo Molina isn't even related to the other three...he's just guilty by association.)


The crack staff has uncovered some breaking news...in response to Roger Clemens' announcement from the owner's box that he is returning, the Mets planned a similar announcement upon their return home on Friday, as Bobby Bonilla was going to fly from Diamond Vision to home plate on a suspension wire to announce that he is making a grand return to the majors to boost the Mets lineup. However, during today's practice run at Shea, the wire couldn't hold Bonilla's weight, and somewhere around the infield it snapped, sending Bonilla crashing to the ground and dislocating both of his knees, shredding his calf, and knocking the smile off his face in the process.

According to inside sources, if this had happened during an actual game, Jose Reyes would have been flattened by Bonilla's massive weight, and equally massive ego. Reyes may not have made it.


Brokaw said...

what a crappy game... i was at the ballpark and that was not a homerun!!!

and the god damn inning would not end!!!!

highlight of the evening was hanging out with kevin burkhart of SNY while he was on the air below the right field bleachers.

i recommended your blog to him.

everytime i go watch the mets @ at&t or sbc or whatever they call it.. i end up on TV and the mets lose...

i just realized that i might be the bay area jinx!!

Mike said...

Good piece, Metstra. Ollie, Green, and Easley all shat the bed.

But what's up with these goddamn Molinas???

Elliot said...

Oliver Perez did OK last night. He doesn't deserve to be dumped on. In fact, Ollie showed composure and poise.

The 5th inning started with a home run that was very questionable. This was not enough to knock Perez off his game - he came back and got the next two guys out, and then Easley committed an error on a ball that should have ended the inning. Still, Perez kept his composure and induced a routine fly to right field that Shawn Green butchered. After all this, Perez STILL kept his composure, and got to an 0-2 count on Aurilia. Then, Perez got the next pitch just a little too much over the plate, and Aurilia homered. This was not a pitcher who had lost it. He didn't go to 3-0 on Aurilia and then groove a fastball. I am not happy to see the result, but Perez kept his act together.

Ceetar said...

Yeah, the game sucked. I chose to torture myself through the end too, and only because I believe the Mets still had a shot. Jose Reyes hit one late in the game that the Center Fielder just caught that saved some runs and ended the innings.

the problem was Perez wasn't pitching that well, I mean, he pitched great for 3 innings, but he wasn't striking anybody out. He was relying on his defense to make the plays, and then they failed him, he lost it. *sigh*

Maybe if Bonilla does come back, even with the broken legs and what not, he'll still be able to catch that ball to Right Field.

dmg said...

the superman special wasn't so hot either.
on the other hand, no molinas.

Unser said...

I'm getting concerned about Easley's ability to play second base everyday. Not that we have any better options, but he seems to be making a lot of bad errors.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Not Bobby Bo! Noooooooooooo!