Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pigs Flying And Pixie Dust

If it didn't happen in Arizona, I would have sworn that I saw pigs flying across my window, monkeys flying out of your butt, and icicles in hell.

Jorge Sosa outdueled Brandon Webb.

Let me repeat that for it's value as a vaguely important fact:

Jorge Sosa, who had one good season, and had spent the early part of this in the minor leagues, comes up and makes his first start against Brandon Webb...the reigning NL Cy Young award winner...and out-pitches him.

Analysis? For what? You want me to explain that? Fine: Chase Field is a magical place full of pixie dust, chocolate dreams, and pineapple wishes. You can lick the walls and taste strawberries...just like Willie Wonka's palace. As long as the Mets don't eat the pot roast gum and sneak a swig of the fizzy lifting drinks, we'll be fine in the magical palace of Arizona. Why? Could be because we're living right, perhaps? The Mets are saying their prayers, eating their vegetables, and they're not throwing infants off of tall buildings or firecrackers at young girls. How else do you think that baseballs roll all the way to the wall behind left-fielders with the bases loaded? It's the Arizona pixie dust!

It's like that City Scrap Metal commercial that plays during Mets games...the Mets will buy your scrap metal such as Sosa, Damion Easley, and Shawn Green, and make useful parts out of them for 50 cents on the dollar. Keep the scrap metal coming.

And don't chew the pot roast gum.

Whoa, I just saw another pig hovering over the roof.


Mike said...

The Mets have definitley been Veruca Salt when it comes to playing at The BOB: They want it all.

And the Mets are good eggs, I tell ya.

JMP said...

Lost in all this is that Wright went 0-5 in the 2 hole. sigh...