Monday, May 28, 2007

A Time To Remember, A Time To Forget

Thanks to computer scheduling, the Mets were one of a small handful of teams not to play on Memorial Day. Thankfully, it gave Met fans a chance to really sit down and ponder what the holiday is all about...remembering.

Unfortunately, with all of the other baseball being played on the holiday, Met fans probably wished that Tommy Lee Jones would show up at their door with the red ray that made you forget everything. I know I could have used it during the Rockies game today, where this was the direct quote from the Colorado announcer:

"Another big hit for Kaz Matsui."
Another big hit? When exactly was the first? It sure as hell wasn't in New York after the first at bat of the season. Was it in Colorado Springs, perhaps?

Or how about what we were forced to remember during night time action, as Steve Trachsel actually went the distance for the Orioles in a 9-1 win...a game which lasted, get this, 2:27.

Two hours and twenty seven minutes!!!

Steve Trachsel!!!

Remember when 2:27 was his time between pitches? And now he's pitching efficiently? He didn't have a single strikeout in the game. Stupid Royals.

Even the latest Roger Clemens comeback game made us pause and remember, as none other than Timo Perez was playing left field for the Toledo Mud Hens. Seeing Timo at the plate must have gotten those juices flowing for Clemens, who had his first decent minor league outing (what kind of juices were flowing I don't know...but I'm not going to speculate because I'm a positive person.) Seeing Timo at the plate only made me remember this.

When can we have a Forgotten Day, where it's all right to forget everything that's haunted you in the past?


Unser said...

What exactly was Clemens talking about with the positive-negative stuff yesterday? Talk about remembering things that should be forgotten, I was reminded of Mark McGwire's sorry performance in front of Congress - "I'm not here to talk about the past" and "I'm here to be postive". Weird dude, that Clemens guy.

Anonymous said...

Trax? It takes a big man to pitch in NYC. It takes a bigger man to do a MY PET GOAT in St. Looie. And now Needles Mota, the man who lays down the middle on an 0-2 count, is coming back, ensuring furure Forgetting Days.

fredstradamus said...

Unser, I felt the same thing ... he HAD to be confused by the question. Had to. Even if they were all little words.

Anonymous said...

a benitez meltdown?! perish the thought. can't wait for tomorrow's post :D

Anonymous said...

a benitez meltdown?! perish the thought. can't wait for tomorrow's post :D

Anonymous said...

whoops, double post. lo siento.

Anonymous said...

a BALK OFF WIN is what the post game host is calling it on the SF GIANTS flagship radio station right now...

giants fans here in the bay area sound like they're putting a lynching party together for boonitez