Friday, August 11, 2006

Throwbacks For Everyone (Special Padding Not Included)

So you may think it was Negro League night in Washington, as the Mets wore New York Cubans uniforms tonight. But the Metstradamus crack staff has been working overtime this week...they've unearthed an archival picture that proves that tonight was actually the Nationals' tribute to Julio Franco, as these were not only throwback uniforms, but they were uniforms that Franco actually wore! (check the player on the bottom row, all the way to the right):

And Willie Randolph was nice enough to give Franco the start tonight, although that probably has more to do with the presence on the mound of part time Oakland Raider fan, full time lefthander Billy Traber. Of course Traber, along with one time prospect and full time patient Alex Escobar, were on the field for the Nats/Grays tonight...throwing us all back to the trade for one time hall of fame prospect and full time dog Robby Alomar.

It might have been the first trade in the history of trades that helped out nobody...except that tonight, it helped out a team that not only wasn't even involved in the original trade, but wasn't even in existence at the time of the original trade. Figures with the collection of misfits involved in that curs-ed deal that it could only help a third party...but Traber did indeed help out the Nats by pitching seven strong innings while only giving up one run. And even Escobar stole a base without his knee exploding...good for him. Of course that bit of news coincides with news that not only is the current Mets center fielder is playing with a sore knee, but the current "best prospect in the system" Mike Pelfrey was put on the DL as a precaution. There's some news that'll throw you back, eh? Symmetry stinks.

So with the score 2-1 in the ninth and Chad Cordero on the mound, the Mets needed someone to stop this throwback madness. Please, throw us back to the present day before we're thrown back into the dark days of 2003...or 1993...or 1983...or 1963 for heaven's sake.

Carlos Beltran and his sore knee were on first after being hit with a pitch (no doubt suffering a new nagging, and with the Mets needing a hero, David Wright popped up to first base for the first out.

A Mike Cubbage throwback.

Then, Carlos Delgado pinch hit for the original New York Cuban, to hopefully take advantage of Chad Cordero's propensity for the longball.

Fly out to center. A Doug Mientkiewicz throwback.

After Jose Valentin walked, could it be? Could Michael Tucker deliver a base hit to tie the game...or better?

Nope. Instead, Michael Tucker throws us back to...well, himself.

Throwbacks are fun once in a while. But I kind of like the present myself. Reminders of years past are not only emotionally painful, but being thrown back too abruptly can cause pulled muscles if done without the proper perspective. Consult your doctor before starting a new throwback regimen.


Jaap said...

A mere programme from the 1941 New York Cubans v Homestead Grays championship was going for $1200.00 at a Sotheby's auction last December -

And speaking of throwbacks, allegedly, throwing back small fish and keeping the big ones is bad for fish evolution. When the big fish are fished, it leaves behind the smallest to reproduce which, over time, causes the survival genetics to make the species of fish smaller.

Keep that in mind the next time we face the Marlins in throwback Ernest Hemmingway jerseys.

Metstradamus said...

I know there's a Hanley Ramirez joke in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The sore-knee'd centerfielder should get as much rest as he needs. And gotta hate seeing him get plunked in the hand!

Memo to Willie: Sit Beltran for a few days, you idiot.

And I'll beat the drum that I'll beat til Willie listens & I can stop beating.

Or something like that:

Willie, give Wright a few days off! His bat looks slower than your brain waves.

Arrrgggg. My kingdom for a manager.

Anonymous said...

Greg from Faith and Fear quotes Franco as saying "Hey, these fit just like I remember". Great minds and all that...

Anonymous said...

fwiw i thought the unis looked great--showing some sock & the right amount of bagginess...better than the modern pants around the shoes look.


Metstradamus said...

jm, Gary Cohen thought along the same lines in the third inning (although I came up with it before then...I swear!!!)