Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh By The Way...

Shawn Green is a Met.

Pending approval, that is.

Looks like he'll need a new uniform number though. I hear 35 is very slimming.

According to sources, Green hasn't smiled in years. Hopefully being reunited with his friend Mr. Delgado can change that.

P.S. Please let not the prospect be named Humber, Gomez, Martinez, Bannister, Pelfrey...trade me if need be. But don't trade someone useful...aaaaah, what am I worried about? This is Omar we're talking about.

Let's rock.


Anonymous said...

i am not a green fan--did he get off the juice or did becoming a vegan cause this loss of power? nevertheless, he is still probably a bigger threat than milledge and chavez are at this point. he is also a patient hitter. they gave up evan maclane--good numbers but i think he throws about 84. it won't kill them.

p.s.--can we get rid of Chris Woodward please? the guy is absolutely terrible. never hits the ball hard, ever. got thrown out by barmes the other day. were we not hustling, chris?

Metstradamus said...


Yom Kippur is on the Monday after the season ends. Nothing to worry about there.